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Boss RC-50 upgrade.


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  • Boss RC-50 upgrade.

    So I am a keyboard player/acoustic guitarist. Saw the new Boss RC-30 and RC-3 loopers and they were much improved in my opinion, especially the 30.

    I have owned the RC-50 before and loved it despite the design flaws that were never fixed. For example: delay between recording and playback, terrible midi clock, steep learning curve, bad manual, and a small 45 minute fixed memory, and that is mono.

    My questions is do we think that Summer NAMM, which is the guitar Mecca, will introduce an RC-60 which will build on the 50, fix the issues, and provide the new specs of it's little bothers. I want an RC-30 so bad but will wait if this monster is coming. It would be just like Roland to sell The RC-30 for a 1/2 year and then release the RC-60 in some countdown. I wonder what different features would be on board the new flagship.

    Thanks, Jeff