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    Melody Makers?

    Or the Kalamazoo KG-2?
    1. Too dark.

    2. Too crappy.
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      Nice.... loves me some Fenders!

      I think I currently only own a stock (well other than pickups) Fender guitar, but I have three parts casters with Fender bodies and necks and another Fender body with a Warmoth neck. In addition, I have a JV series Japanese Squier strat that I love nearly as much as any Fender I've ever owned and a kinda ugly POS Squier.

      My next project will be combining a MIJ Fender body with another year MIJ Fender neck to make a Jimi Monterey Pop Festival tribute guitar.

      I currently have a Fender Twin II amp and Fender Tweed Deluxe and Tweed Champ clones.

      Overall, just half of my guitars and amps are Fenders so yeah... I like em.

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        I own 2 fenders and 2 squiers. All are very different sounding guitars. Other guitars just don't appeal to me really
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        I'm considering suing guitarmike for future damages. I'm assuming that my taxes will be paying for his future welfare benefits and that is an undue burden on me.

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        damn! what a ****************storm!


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          Are we allowed to post pics of Squires here??
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          '75 Sorina Flying V


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            Are we allowed to post pics of Squires here??

            The OP has one
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              American Standard HSS

              Classic Players 50's Strat


              2004 MIM Strat, Sage Green with Texas Specials

              American Standard Telecaster

              50's Hot Rod Telecaster


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                benzem - Of the amps you originally posted, which is your favorite and why? Could you describe their unique tonal characteristics? Which ones have the best natural distortion and do you like the Hot Rod's Drive channel? (a hotly debated issue, apparently) I'm trying to get a bead on the basic traits on the major Fender amps and it seems you own a few of them.


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                  Here are my babies, Fender is my brand. They will most likely always make up the majority of my collection in the future.

                  07' American Vintage Thin Skin '62 Jazzmaster - '09 Fender Standard Telecaster Sunburst
                  71' Fender Musicmaster - Epiphone Casino
                  Seagull Maritime GT
                  Fender Super Champ XD


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                    Oh, how does that work out for you? I never liked the red much as a guitar pickup and it didn't stay in my (long-gone) Tele long at all. It found a new life as a killer bass pickup in a Bronco Bass, though.

                    I like the combo a lot in my Mustang... sweet basses.
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                      0 0
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                      Watch out, there are some terribly bothersome trolls around here.


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                        Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...

                        What is that? Partsocaster?

                        I absolutely adore Fender's Candy Tangerine and was hoping this was a model in that finish.
                        Dunlop DC Brick, Digitech JAMMAN Solo.


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                          This is my baby:

                          Need to make some decent pics soon..


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                            What an usightly mess that pile is, let me help you clean that up.

                            That's a fine collection - I have a strat and a tele but I need to get myself another Fender amp somewhere down the line. I sometimes kick myself for selling my Bassman when I know now that whatever problems I had with it were most likely user error


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                              Oh, I thought you had acquired the Malmsteen stand.
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                                THIS is a pile of Fenders

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