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About to pull the trigger on an EJ Strat


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  • About to pull the trigger on an EJ Strat

    So this is the year of downsizing and upgrading for me. While I have an older 3 bolt G&L Legacy and a nice parts-caster, niether are giving me the classic Strat sounds I'm looking for. They both seem to lack some character.

    I started looking at MIA Strats and the Eric Johnson model seems to have everything I'd want - 12" radius, nitro finish, non-vintage frets, comes in a burst, etc.

    So who's got one, what's your opinion on it? Are you happy with the pickups? Is there another model I should be looking at?

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    Got one, like it. Be careful with that nitro. I had a white "leather strap" leave black marks on the body near the strap buttons. It wasn't the outer leather skin, but this F'n ridiculous inner synthetic sandwiched core that the jackasses at Levi's used to build the strap. It came in contact with the guitar where the ends of the straps are split for the button holes. Lesson learned, be wary of less expensive leather straps, make sure they are not just a cheapo leather layer on top of black toxic tar.

    Pickups seem just fine. I personally can't think of a better guitar for the money. But you can always compare it against a Standard or Deluxe. For a less expensive Strat my Classic 50s blows me away for resonant sweet tone. I had to put my EJ away after I discovered the marks, it was pretty depressing on a blonde guitar.
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    Well Dick, it's got a good beat, and I could dance to it, so I give it a 10!
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      Thanks Gas Man - nice to hear you think its not only worth the coin, but that it's one of the best for the money


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        In my opinion, the EJ is the overall best non-custom shop traditional S-S-S pickup config'd, vintage trem'd stratocaster made by Fender.

        Love the radius, love the tone, love the pickups. hate the color (on mine) but for ~ $750 new (GC blowout) I'll live with the ugly white. I float my trem to make it feel more stratty - the stock setup (5 springs, decked) made it play a little too stiff for my tastes.

        I hate the fact it doesn't have 22 frets, but I can deal with it.

        here's mine w/ a tortoiseshell aftermarket pickguard
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          Thanks Mario - I'd live with that white quite happily if it came with that price tag!!!