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A Custom Guitar... Check pictures!


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    Oh, yeah. Name that bitch the "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot".
    "I have the two qualities you require to see the absolute truth... I am brilliant and unloved". - Miss Evangelista, Dr. Who ep. "Silence In The Library"


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      Sorry, think I'm going to be sick.


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        Oh, yeah. Name that bitch the "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot".

        I will put that name in the list lol... I wanted to call it X-cavator actually...

        @ 32- 20-blues, thanx for the compliment...

        @bootroot, the guitar is eqauipped with EMG humbucker 81, no hum whatsoever, and it is internally shielded with isolating metal film...

        I have spent a lot of time working on the design, will write a review about how I made it along with some youtube videos... I must learn how to play a guitar first ... kidding I am not that bad ... I would rather consider myself a guitar technician more than a guitar player actually.

        The problem is, I need to buy a decent camcorder but I am so broke right now , the guitar drained my wallet just like a boss RV-3 drains a battery lol

        If any of you guys have questions, don't hesitate to ask
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        Built in Pulsar tremolo (variable wave shape)


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          ahhh that thing confuses me looking at it


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            Holy ****************!!

            Eat that, Matt Bellamy!

            Very inventive, but maybe just a tad over the top I'm interested in that guitar direction wah thing though, a video of that would be

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            Originally Posted by Reaganomics!

            You're on the internet dude. don't try to think rationally about why you don't like something. Just talk condescending to everybody about it, and later that night stroke your dick while wimpering "meh, meh, meh, meh, I don't get it, meh meh meh, this similar but less popular artist is better, meh meh meh"


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              How about audio clips? Maybe where you run straight into the board, then use each effect?

              Sounds like you got just what you wanted-well done!
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                OH MY GOD... THE BEAST IS ALIVE!!!

                ****************ing cool job..thats what I call a custom guitar!
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                Originally Posted by Ratae Coritanorum

                Marc man, I think you possibly rock TOO MUCH

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                  Looks like a control panel on the space shuttle!

                  "Ground control to Major Tom...."


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                    I was gonna say it needs a Floyd but you have that covered.
                    Maybe you could install some LED fingerboard dots.

                    Helluva job. I can't imagine the wiring in that baby.
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                      I wonder how many batteries does it take to power the whole thing...


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                        the only thing you forgot to add.....


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                          Originally Posted by guitarkid
                          is this serious or him being an ****************************?

                          Originally Posted by Alchemist
                          go easy on him, he might just bust out his move
                          I'm assuming thats when he goes into the fetal position, sticks his thumb up his ass, and cries until you leave him alone

                          Originally Posted by Rhone
                          A lot of time and effort has gone in to 'updating' this site just so that one dude can upload his Nam video from his motel room


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                            Maybe box it and send it to Eric Johnson
                            instant cardiac arrest

                            as an engineer I really love that, it don't need LEDs, but a butane canister so you can have a flare on it somewhere

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                              That is absolutely amazing. Awesome work
                              Originally Posted by Rampage

                              **************** cleans, play distortion?

                              Originally Posted by RiffDaemon

                              The scratchy high-end sounds like a wreck in Excitebike

                              Originally Posted by buddhapaugh

                              I had a nightmare experience like yours, Nerine, when I was in my late 20's/early 30's and was doing the tag-team thing with my buddy over the toilet. Now that was something----

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                                lol at the kitchen sink. . . Red scorpion that thing is amazing, you must have aced your electronics classes! its br00tal to the max! Would love to see the wah in action
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                                Originally Posted by pharmboyjoe

                                "My boyfriend's guitar is bigger than your boyfriends"

                                "Yeah, bet he plays a mean solo"

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