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The importance of checking neck scale...


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  • The importance of checking neck scale...

    I had a client bring me four instruments to work on this week. The first one was an Oscar Schmidt jazz guitar. It needed two strings replaced, neck relief adjustment, floating bridge placement, overall set up. I assumed it was a Gibson scaled hollow body jazz box... I got the strings on, loosened the truss rod to give it some relief, and placed the bridge 12 3/8" from the 12th fret. I set the action height and tune it up and checked for intonation. The intonation was way sharp on a couple of strings... so I'm like WTF... I get my tape measure out and check the neck and damn if it isn't a 25 1/2" scale neck...

    So I reset the bridge at 12 3/4" out from the 12th fret and now the intonation is dead on. go figure...

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    Yup - you just never know - another reason I like buying from Rondo was they told you everything about each model mostly before other did at a great.
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