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das is mein NGD, oh no es ist flaming


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  • das is mein NGD, oh no es ist flaming

    The Michael Kelly ...Patriot ...Phoenix
    I spent a bit of time comparing guitars before getting it, and no (hell no) I didn't choose it for looks. But can we just say it's flaming straight.

    So, playing which failtar in front of people will have the most fail:

    question, what ammount of neck relief do you guys like for these kind o guitars?

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    I like the flame :shrug: HNGD
    Gear: CV 50s Tele, Michael Kelly Patriot Standard, VOX Pathfinder 10, Fender Mustang I, Cheapie Maestro Acoustic

    Originally Posted by Blackface

    I'm not biased or anything, but everyone should think what I think.

    Originally Posted by fly_with_v

    Read, judge, and keep it to yourself, no one cares.