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I need a strat expert....Robert Cray content.


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  • I need a strat expert....Robert Cray content.

    I picked up a Robert Cray that has been at my local shop for years yesterday and nobody seemed to know the date (or cared, pbly because of the violet color ).

    Looks like Brazilian fretboard, serial number is SE 8XXXXX, chome hardware.
    I don't have a book, when I put the numbers in the net age finder its shows custom shop 1988. That makes no sense, all info says Robert Cray model started in 1992.


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    I can't help you but let's see some pics of that bad boy.


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      One of Robert's personal guitars?

      Serial numbers are often notoriously inconsistent.

      Does it have a Custom Shop stamp on the back of the headstock?

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        Some jackass put hot rails in it.


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          I just found that John Page and Michael Stevens started making these in June 1987.


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            What did you pay for it??
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                From the Guitar Dater website: "This guitar is from the Signature Series
                made at the Corona Plant (Fender), USA in the Year(s): 1988"
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                  From the Guitar Dater website: "This guitar is from the Signature Series
                  made at the Corona Plant (Fender), USA in the Year(s): 1988"

                  I found that, thanks though. Also they say in the books robert cray strat introduced in 1992. I called fender, they said that their records only go back to 1993. I would like to find a book value.


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                    I'd say about $1,500.
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                      Perhaps a stupid question but why do you think that is an 88? On the wiki page there's a bit about them making the custom shop strat in the 90s, could it be a 98?

                      The Robert Cray Signature Stratocaster (Fender Custom Shop) is much more expensive than the version of the Mexican-made copy of Robert Cray Standard model. The big difference between both, is that the custom shop has a 2-piece select premium alder body, lightly figured maple neck with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and chrome hardware, the pickups were custom wound by Abigail Ybarra with a fiveway switch the 2 and 4 position are hum-canceling, the middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity. This USA-made Custom Artist Series guitar was initially introduced in 1990 as the '59 "hardtail" by custom order only. It had all chrome hardware, and the neck was of light flame maple according to "Fender Frontline magazine" issue (fall 1990 vol 2). It also had a greenish Inca Silver grey color. In 1998 the hardware was switched from chrome to gold and in 1993 the fingerboard was changed from Brazilian to pao-ferro rosewood, with a light figured birdseye neck due to the conservation of exotic woods. The early custom order 1990-1992 Robert Cray guitars are very desirable this days due to the fact that it had a Brazilian rosewood neck board. You could tell it has a Brazilian board by the light flame maple and doesn't have the birdseye maple neck

                      You could perhaps pop off the pickguard and see whether the pickups are signed?


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                        I'm gonna take the neck off. The database he listed said it was an 88. Today I found a similar one for sale that had serial number listed it said 88.


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                          I'd say about $1,500.

                          So rip off the purple and mod away?


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                            Neck showed it to be august 1991. I changed the pickguard, took out the hot rail and for now it has a dimarzio area 67 in the neck with those other two original pickups. I'm happy with it.

                            Thanks for the responses.


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                              Slick looking axe. Congrats!
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