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  • NGD - Ibanez Artist 100

    Been out of the game for about five years, so when the itch started I shopped around quite a bit and played every guitar I could find until one spoke to me. Was planning on an Xaviere Tele or Strat, but couldn't bond with anything I planned in stores and didn't think I'd bond with one in the mail. I was digging the Gibson SG Classic with P90's, which was about five times my budget, and a couple Epiphone Les Pauls were fun to play, although they were expensive and heavy as bricks.

    Pretty happy for $210. Really dig the color, metallic silver with black binding and chrome hardware.

    Mahogany body and neck (set neck), 24.75" scale, dual humbuckers, single-cutaway, much like a Les Paul. But the control layout is more to my liking (I prefer two knobs), and it's much thinner for lighter weight and balance. I had a Gibson LP Studio for many years that was just a huge hunk of wood and was pretty heavy and muddy sounding. Also love that it has a contoured back like a Strat for comfortable playing while sitting. Nice wide neck too.

    Played fairly well but had to raise up the bridge to get rid of some buzzing. After I got her home, I removed the strings, tightened up the loose tuners and screws that were causing some buzzing, polished all the frets, cleaned up all around, and put on some 10-52's. Needs a bit of truss rod tweak to get rid of a little buzz on those first few frets (like most LP's), otherwise she plays like butter now.

    Pickups are surprising for this price. Usually with sub-$500 guitars the humbuckers are muddy and unusable, but the bridge has some good bite to it and the two pickups together have nice clarity to them. I'm considering putting some GFS pickups in, likely a Dream 90 neck and Dream 180 bridge. I love P90's in mahogany guitars but also like some sparkle and a humbucker in the bridge position for fatter rhythm with gain. The pickups are cheap enough I could try the Dream combo and if it doesn't work out swap for Mean 90's.

    Hardware seems solid enough. Tuners are also surprisingly good, might want to replace them down the line, but they don't seem to slip. Nut is cut well. Bridge/tailpiece are weird...I'm used to the TOM style, and this has big grooves rather than exposed saddles. On the plus side it doesn't dig into your hand and has an interesting look, but you lose some control with palm mutes because you can't get right to the break of the saddle.

    Also got a Mustang I a couple months back, really dig this amp. First modeling device that's really sounded and felt great to my ears. As much as I would love an honest to goodness Bassman or Matchless, for $100 you can't go wrong for a home amp.
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    Snappy New Ibby Day!

    It is not what you play, but THAT you play.


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      Very Nice!
      One of those in either black or the trans cherry is on the top of my GAS list!
      Happy NGD!
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        Looks good. I think Ibby's are terrific guitars - especially for the money. Lamb Chop gives 3 paws up.
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        Originally Posted by Bob411

        Nice ass Mrs. Woody.


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          $210.00 is a great deal (I gave $249.00 for mine). I ordered a white one and it arrived a couple of days ago. I love how it looks and plays...very comfortable. It also fits perfectly in one of those light-weight foam cases.


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            Yeah, those are very nice - regardless of the price but at $210, it's a HECK of a lot of guitar!

            And the Mustang has to be the most versatile $100 amp ever made.


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              It really is a steal. Thinking back to when I started playing back 15 years ago, $300 I think bought me this terrible Kramer Strat knockoff and 15 watt solid state amp, plus an Ibanez THRASHMETAL distortion pedal. Kids today have it good
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                Originally Posted by ashasha

                I find that it's just cheaper to turn my **************** up louder.


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                  Happy NGD. I have an ART 300 and it is a great guitar.
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                    Just put in the order for:

                    - GFS Mean 90 bridge
                    - GFS Dream 90 neck
                    - 3x 500k audio pots
                    - 2x .022 uF Orange Drop caps

                    I'll try and get some recording/video to do a before and after. The stock pickups are nice, especially the neck pickup, but I've always preferred singles/P90's.
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                      Sweet guitar! I have been gassing for a Les Pual shaped guitar and have been checking that model out. My main guitars right now are two Ibanez SZ's. Looks like a will be saving for one of these!
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                        I bought this a few weeks before the Xaviere's came out...I'd have been really tempted to go with one of those quilt bursts with 3/4" maple cap for $240. Even more if they came in cherry sunburst!
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                          For $210 that's quite a steal. Congrats!


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                            I really like the Artist 100s. I've been eying them and looking for a good reason to get one since they first came out. Nothing about them hints of a cheap guitar. The fit and finish of them is immaculate and they play and sound good to boot. One of the best values out there IMO.

                            Congratulations! The silver looks georgous!
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                              Happy NGD. I have an ART 300 and it is a great guitar.

                              I've got 2 ART300s. They really are great guitars. I'd like to get my hands on an ART100 though. Now that I know the feel of the ART series I know I'd be pretty happy with one of these passive babies. I tried several of the new ART320s and up the scale and I didn't like them. They have a thin veneer quilt top and the necks didn't feel as nice as the older 300s with the thicker sculpted maple caps.

                              Jarick - the changes you are making to yours are going to turn it into an awesome machine.
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