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Last two songs you learned or are learning?


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    Claptons' version of Crossroads, and I Want You(she's so heavy) by the lads from Liverpool
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      Black Dog -- Led Zeppelin
      Black Fella, White Fella -- Warumpi Band

      Both for my band.

      ...I Want You(she's so heavy) by the lads from Liverpool

      I love playing the lead guitar bit on that song. It's a great riff.


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        Tobacco Road (SCOTS version)

        Hit the Road Jack - Ray Charles
        NYC Americana


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          Desert Sessions - Like A Drug was the last song I learned, can't really think of what I learned before that recently.
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            last tune in my fake book was.. Country girl by neil young... that is a beast of a tune in standard tuning...
            and A song for you ... Leon Russel another one with lots of weird chord shapes..
            Electric Cowbell.. meh...

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              Comfortably Numb
              Sweet Child O Mine (a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be!!)


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                Last 2 I learned were:
                Eternal Life by Jeff Buckley
                Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen

                Currently working on:
                Space Truckin' by Deep Purple
                When I Paint My Masterpiece by The Band
                West Coast by Coconut Records

                Also working out drum parts for 7 of my buddy's original tunes.


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                  Funny you ask. I just joined a classic soul/blues/rock band so I'm learning new tunes daily...

                  It Hurt So Bad - Susan Tedeschi
                  Hold On, I'm Coming - Sam & Dave

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                    Suspicious Minds and Jailhouse Rock for an Elvis Fan's Bday party gig tomorrow.

                    Great fun songs to play
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                      Guns n Roses - You could be mine solo, nearly done
                      The Stumble - Peter Green

                      I try and learn two at the same time, I find when just working on one I lose a bit of focus, so its good to move onto the other for a break
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                        Funny, I "just" started trying to learn songs/develop my ear. So I started easy, and still in the process:

                        Santana - Smooth and Black magic Woman.

                        Transcribe! is awesome
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                          John Mayer's Vultures
                          Keith Urban's Long Hot Summer


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                            "Lilac Wine" Jeff Buckley...done.

                            working on...

                            "My Sweet Lord" George Harrison. Better on the acoustic.
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                              What are the last two songs you learned or are learning?

                              My 12 year old son have been learning these two songs together:

                              Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone. We've got the rhythm part down, but haven't started on the solo.

                              Killing Joke - Eighties. I am also learning the bass part for this.

                              Holy crap! Ten Years Gone is one that I've just been working on. I have it pretty much down except the middle part which I just haven't gotten around to figuring out yet. But it was one of those tunes where I heard it on the radio in the car and kinda walked in and figured it out in about 10 minutes.

                              It's just strange to me since I was gonna reply with that and there it is in the starting post. Weird.

                              Otherwise, I was kinda farting around with Hey Hey What Can I Do. I don't have a lot of time to learn new stuff these days so I'm just learning bits and pieces here and there.
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                                We just did a very hard rock versions of
                                Status Quo-Pictures of Matchstick Men(in two steps down)
                                Rolling Stones-Jumpin' Jack Flash