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    The A bridge plate number is used on warranty cards over here when there is no other number on the guitar, but it can not be used to date a Fender Japan telecaster. I am always careful about what to pass off as fact when it comes to Fender Japan, been surprised far too often to even pretend to think I know what they did. Lots of conflicting info on the web so I`ll wait until somebody who actually worked for the company writes a book on the subject, till then it`s always a bit of a risk sifting through everything that gets said about Fender Japan on the internet to get to the real facts.
    The telecaster bought in `98 may have been sitting around for a couple of years by the time you got it, not that unusual...got my Buck Owens tele after it had been hanging in the local Rock Inn for a few years, I bought it once they put it on sale. In this Japanese city Fender Japan is not nearly as highly regarded as it is overseas, the new stuff just doesn`t seem to move from shops, the older models have been a little more popular but only after people overseas started showing an interest and THAT only after they woke up and discovered the early guitars can be great, doesn`t mean they all are but some are. Current FJs are built in at least 3 factories with another building basses according to the former manager at the Rock Inn shop, but he wouldn`t tell me which factories...corporate secrets and all that. So careful what you believe out there, theres a lot of stuff that just does not always match the Fender Japan guitars I own...and only one of those is CIJ, the rest are all older MIJs, my personal preference.
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      Count me in, I've got a Blue Flower Tele, and I used to have a 52RI.

      Will post pics when I get home.
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        In. Early 90's Foto Flame. ****************ty pic is ****************ty, sorry but it has a nice wine red burst color.


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          Wow, some truly beautiful guitars!

          Does it count that I
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            My 2, both from the 80's the Jag was my first "good guitar" the tele is as rough as nails, but its fantastic to play, the vib through the neck is insane, you can tune it by the feel

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              Sign me up to the club ...

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              52 RI Blackguard
              89 MIJ Lake Placid Blue
              62 RI Tele Custom

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                Also used to have a MIJ CAR Custom 62 RI Tele. My bass-playing second wife kept it when we separated ... still miss it.

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                everyone has different gear and stuff like this tends to be quite subjective.

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                  '92 hot rod reissue strat. Only strat for me.
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                    my Jag

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                      Also used to have a MIJ CAR Custom 62 RI Tele. My bass-playing second wife kept it when we separated ... still miss it.

                      dude get yourself a Squier CVC. EVery bit as nice as the CIJ/and USA versions. $380 USD.


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                        Anyone know if I can use an Allpart pickguard, 1-ply 8 hole, in a Fender ST-54 MIJ strat? Or do I need to have one custom made??


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                          All my japanese fenders are E serial number Squiers.

                          My old favorite, a really cheap find (all beat up) but the neck is about done for, truss rod can't help it anymore. So I'm in the hunt for a new neck!!

                          No longer has the lace sensors, I use the Alnico 3's out of the new 50s CV Squiers.

                          This one is a great guitar, very good condition, and actually the best playing, but I can't get over the locking nut, and I can't get myself to mod the guitar because its in such nice condition, so its for sale!!

                          This is the only Fender I had and it played amazingly!! E serial number but the neck was a more contemporary style. Flatter radius, 22 frets, medium jumbos, and samller dots. Sold it because I felt the Kahler trem killed the sustain. The System One I feel is a much better design tonally.
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                            Anyone know where I can get a pickguard that will fit and line up correctly for a MIJ 54 strat, 1ply, 8 hole? Sign me up for "The


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                              Wow, some truly beautiful guitars!

                              Does it count that I


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                                Yup,I'm here too

                                Love the variations on a theme that they come up with.


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