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Anyone have any experience with the Q-Tuner pickups??

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  • Anyone have any experience with the Q-Tuner pickups??

    Saw these wacky lookin guys the other day while surfin youtube for guitar videos. Did a little research, but found mostly reviews/comments about the bass pickups. Wondering if anyone here owns them by chance or has had any experience with them?

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    They are interesting looking. Honestly, I think I'll stick with BG and Rose for pickups.


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      I have been interested in these for a while but the price has kept me away. Was thinking of putting one in a guitar I'm currently refinishing but now I see on their site that they're not taking any more orders until they move their production stateside. No timetable for when they'll start selling them again.
      **************** detuning, I'm gonna start using a capo when I play my speed metal. WHEEDLY WHEEDLY WHEEEE!!!


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        Havent heard of those. Ya dig em though eh? Im in the market for some new pups, so any input is welcome


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          I know, bummer right. And I cant even see how much they cost.


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            The single coils are 140... Each I'm assuming.

            Really badass looking, but....? I dunno.
            Originally Posted by Hopeless

            I wouldn't recommend them for metal, but then I also wouldn't recommend playing metal.

            Originally Posted by Django Sentenza

            When you've founded an entire branch of science dedicated to quantifying taste, get back to me.