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Here's Something Different in a Custom Shop guitar - TV Jones Spectra

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  • Here's Something Different in a Custom Shop guitar - TV Jones Spectra

    With the street price at around $2600, it seems a bargain compared to the Fender Custom shop or Gibson Custom shop offerings and it is something different...


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    I like that. Not $2600 worth, but I like it.

    We're not in Kansas anymore.


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      I'd seen that they were putting out those but I didn't know what the prices were going to be. Pretty pricey, but you do have to consider there are $250 just in the cost of PUs in em', plus they are a custom built in the USofA axe. So, when compared to other one of a kinds I guess that's comparable in price.

      They do look bitchin'.


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        I've noticed them before. I like em but they aren't too high on my GAS list.
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          Thats the kind of guitar I'd build for myself. Lots of class IMO...

          PS as for price, just remember a person custom building in the USA (or Canada for that matter) isn't working for $5 a day, and if it is your livelihood you have to earn enough to make a decent living. Dont compare to your import MIC for $200... although I bet Tom gets better than full retail on the pickups
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