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question about hum buzz from a guitar


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  • question about hum buzz from a guitar

    Hi there, I am using an electric guitar with 2 single coils and a humbucker, a la Strat, minus the Strat body (it's a Cort)... I'm using it with a Digitech RP250.. I don't play too much electric guitar anymore, but what I'm noticing is that there is this buzz that varies depending on where I'm pointing the guitar in the room... If I'm pointing to one place in the room, it almost dissapears whether I"m using the humbuckker or the single coils... If I point back to the mixer or anythign electical, It comes back... Is this just the nature of the beast, or is there a way to get the guitar adjusted so that the buzz-hum is lowered significantly no matter where you're pointing the guitar? Any info appreciated, thanks..

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    Single coils especially will pick up interferance from electronic things... So what is happening is pretty normal, just do your best to adjust.
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      Well, you could go and change your pickups to something in the noiseless line - I've got Dimarzio's in my Strat and am happy as heck with the tone - plus they is truly quiet.


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        thanks guys, appreciate your responses... Doing more research, aside from changing pick ups, I've learned that shielding the electronics of the guitar (everything inside of it) will go a long way to minimizing hum and buzz... This is usually done with copper tape in all the cavities of teh guitar... That along with pick ups will make it almost completely quiet... So now, I gotta find somebody in NYC who will do a shielding job... Let's see how much that costs too...