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OT: Post Pictures Of Your Pets!


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  • OT: Post Pictures Of Your Pets!

    I have to admit that when people post pics, my favorite thing is when pets are involved. I have a soft spot for animals and pets are pretty much my favorite people ever... don't know how you couldn't love them.

    Sadly, I am without a pet right now. I have aunts and uncles that have dogs (and a couple cats) and our family cat lives with my mom but my apartment is just me. Post your pets! This should be fun (unless the thread gets closed for being OT).

    NOTE: No arguments about which pets are better and no criticism. Just love here.

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    les says hello.

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      Here's my beagle Angie hanging with my Hound Dog.

      This is my cat Dexy admiring my Model 9008 Solid Wood Amp Stand.


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        He's usually not this mean looking


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            I wish I had cool pics of my cats with my guitars, but every time I pick up a guitar they leave the room


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            Originally Posted by klrbee03

            I play guitar for fun, and I don't think its fun to suck


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              Not my pets but i hope to own one of these someday... im sure the OP wont mind.

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                Originally Posted by StankNasty

                the dream isn't in your parents' basement


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                  My 19 month old German Shepherd "Candy"

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                    this is yogi as a puppy, he is about 110lbs heavier now. need to get some more recent pics.

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                      I've got to be different: This is Horatio. For over six years he ruled our household with an iron fist and a bottomless gut. He was possibly the smartest guinea pig to ever draw breath and he is missed:

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                        Abby, She now lives with my folks since I joined the Navy so I guess if ya wanna split hairs she not "my" pet anymore but I sure do miss her! damn cute pets!

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                          Micah-Belgian Shepherd, 3 years old

                          By enricopolazzo at 2011-02-19
                          Kitty-she's 20 years old

                          By enricopolazzo at 2011-02-19
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                            Buster has just been through a move so he's a little freaked out right now. He hasn't been his normal jovial self and he's been staying low and out of the way.

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                              Happy dog face

                              Here's where he was wanting me to get off of HCEG and give him some lovin

                              but unfortunately, RIP 2/27/06 I can still to this day easily tear up thinking or talking about him, like right now. He was such a sweet dog and loved everybody.
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