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Free program to slow down mp3?


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  • Free program to slow down mp3?

    I'm trying to get a jazz solo down, but it seems to me that the only tab is wrong in that every time I play it, even thought I'm playing it as written perfectly, when I match it up to the actual song, I always get lost. Not because it's too fast, it just sounds like the tab has me playing too many or not enough notes so it doesn't match up...
    I was wondering if there were any programs to slow it down so I can see for sure?
    Thank you!

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    pretty sure you can slow down tempos in nearly any DAW.

    Audacity does it.


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      Windows media player will do it too .
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        Audacity is my pick too. You can highlight a selection, drop the tempo while keeping the pitch, and loop it. Works great.


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          +1 on audacity here...
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            I've used Audacity quite a bit, it's a bit of hassle to use but works great. I also like to use it to change the pitch of a song from (usually) Eb to E to play along with my standard tuned guitar.


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              The alternative approach would be to use an app like Guitar Pro. Load a tab in GP, and you can hear it at full speed (to be sure it sounds right compared to the original) and then you can use the speed trainer function to start super slow and gradually work your way up to speed. I've found myself that many times something in a tab sounds wrong because at slow speed I'm emphasizing the wrong notes or phrasing too exact to the metronome, when the final sped up lick concentrates more on starting and ending notes, etc...
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                Do you have a PC? If so, download BestPractice.

                It's a freeware program that allows you to slow down or speed up mp3s, as well as tweak the pitch. So even if the album version of the song is a few clicks sharp, you can bring it back down to standard.


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                  VLC media player is another one for Mac and PC.


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                    +1 on audacity here...

                    yeah... Audacity is my go to
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                      Audacity will do the job. GarageBand can, too.

                      For the non-free guitar trainers and mp3 slow-downer apps, you could also use the demo of one. The advantage to some of those apps is that you can mute/reduce vocals, filter out other instruments, change key, etc.

                      A friend of mine uses the demo of Amazing Slow Downer which apparently has no expiration.


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                        You'll find a thorough discussion here:

                        Audacity is not bad, but in my experience I've preferred other alternatives. Some are not free, but offer a lot of bang for the buck. Paid stuff usually uses better algorithms so sound quality is typically better. Processing speed may also be a factor. These issues are more evident as slower tempos are used.

                        More comparisons here (in French):