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GC President's Sale Thread..."The List" Let the bashing begin!


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  • GC President's Sale Thread..."The List" Let the bashing begin!

    Going out today. They have classic vibes on the preview list. Wondering how low they'll go? Still don't expect much.

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    Looks like Kalamazoo will have LP Jr's on sale for $599.
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      Looks like Kalamazoo will have LP Jr's on sale for $599.

      I wonder if it's the new ones that a few people have reported seeing that have an open coil zebra humbucker instead of a P90? Some people on The Gear Page were speculating that it was a special run just for GC that is meant to be put out for the President's Day sale.
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        ^^^^ I saw those at the Joliet GC last weekend. An older lady (60s-ish?) was playing one (and sounding damn well, too ).

        It also appeared the zebra coil has a split pot, as well, Didn't get to play one, but for $599, not a bad deal...


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          Looks like Kalamazoo will have LP Jr's on sale for $599.

          Yeah, saw a TV ad about that. That's price that would seriously have me GAS-ing .... but I've recently and reluctantly decided that I'm just not doing any shopping for gear until I get a handle on my current joint pain, hardly any point buying new stuff when I'm not sure I'm even going to be able to keep playing ...
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            I just got back from my local GC and picked up a CV Tele for $299 and a David Gilmour DG20 pickup assembly for $229. Didn't walk in the door intending to buy either, but the CV played so well (and seems to sound pretty good thru my Tweaker combo) and I've been thinking of getting the Gilmour rig for some time now, so the price closed that deal.
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              I picked up the BBE Green Screamer Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal for 49 (+5 in Calif sales tax grrrr). Pretty good deal and I wanted one after reading about them in a few pedal threads on this forum.

              The two classic vibe blondes I saw 1. dents on back of one, 2. the other one had a chip on the bottom. CV 60s basses were 279.

              Those Les Paul Jrs. did look cool.


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                The CV Tele I got was flaw-free. I don't think it's been in the store very long, or not played much...or only played by people who didn't think it was ok to bash it around.
                ...when I'm 64...


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                  I picked up Epi Dot Studio for $239 (+ $23 tax - grrr) at the GC in Chicago.


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                    I got a Vox AD30VT with issues(cuts out when it gets hot) for $50.
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                      I can feel the "heat" in this thread! Oh well another Holiday GC Sale another ho-hum sale. Guaranteed Low Prices indeed!