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2010 American Deluxe (better pics & sound clips of S1)

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  • 2010 American Deluxe (better pics & sound clips of S1)

    I got this guitar less than a week ago. It was a return (they ordered me a brand new one and let me take this one home), and the setup was all wrong. The bridge was set flush, it had 10's or maybe even 11's on it, the action was wrong, and the neck relief was wrong. In fact, the only thing that was close was the pickup height.

    The first thing I did was put a set of 9's on it, float the bridge, and do a complete setup. Everything worked great and it stayed in tune very well when using the trem. I'm a pretty heavy strummer, and with the 9's on it I had to set the action to about 3/32nd's and put a little more neck relief to get rid of the buzzing, but that is probably normal for me (former acoustic player).

    Last night I noticed that I had a couple sets of D'Addario Chromes 12's in my bag. These are flatwound stings and have a very nice sound for my style (clean strumming, open chord stuff). Anyway, I just had to try a set of the flat wounds on this guitar, so I put a set on, added 2 more springs, floated the bridge, and did another setup. Now I can get the action at 2/32nd's (or maybe lower), and the neck just about straight (hardly any relief), and strum it like an acoustic with no buzzing.

    I also made a couple test clips. One is with the S1 switch off with all 5 positions, and the other is with the S1 switch on in all 5 positions. I played the same chord progression for each position in both tests.

    Here are the clips...

    S1 Off

    S1 On

    I also took some better pictures than the last ones I posted...


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      Great looking guitar
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        It's beautiful, and sounds great but I have to say I'd like to hear those progressions with a lot less chorus and compression so I could get a better impression of how it sounds 'dry'. That said, I have to say the series tones sounded very interesting -- thicker and heavier. I think that might be a lot of fun to mess around with!
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          Nice looking instrument, sounds nice too