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  • Sonny Landreth > Derrick Trucks

    He has a lot more tricks in his magic bag. Wish I could find Z Rider from Crossroads.

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    Er, whut? They're both beyond awesome IMO.

    Oh, and it's Derek :-)


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      +1. That live record he had out about 4 years ago was killer.
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        yea right.. both are great and dont need to be comparied to each other..

        what the hell?

        apples and something different..

        this tone was touched by the angles.. mho..

        there is pleny more check out Song Lines or is stuff on cross roads..
        better best...

        it dose not apply.
        Electric Cowbell.. meh...

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          yea right.. both are great and dont need to be comparied to each other..

          This is Amerrikuh. There can only be one winner.

          Honestly, I'm just tryin' to get a conversation goin'.


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            True that, but Johnny Winter still slays them both.
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              I enjoy them both. The only similar things about the way they play is the piece of glass on their left hand.
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                I enjoy them both. The only similar things about the way they play is the piece of glass on their left hand.
                And when he takes the slide off, Trucks really stands apart.
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                  yea right.. both are great and dont need to be comparied to each other..

                  I agree - they're both ridiculously incredible.

                  But, I personally prefer Derek. Sonny no doubt has phenomenal technique and tone, but Derek's playing just has a soul that really speaks to me. He seems more "vocal" with his slide playing than Sonny does. I've seen Derek a couple times, with the Allmans and with Clapton. Both times he was, in my mind, by far the best guitarist on the stage.

                  I love Derek's early stuff w/ DTB too. Some really sweet jazzy/fusiony stuff. His blues/jazz/world combo is really unique.
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                      I agree that SL has taken his technique to a level that nobody else has ever seen before. The way he uses all of his fingers and frets behind the slide is mesmerizing, but comparing the two is apples and gumbo. They're both awesome and instantly recognizable and great fun to listen to.

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                        That Desdemona solo was hypnotic, and that's very very rare for me.
                        I must admit, until today I just thought he was the same as all the other "failed-white-rock-guitarist-wanking-some-blues-scales" type of player.
                        That was really impressive.


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                          I really like them both - I probably prefer Derek Trucks for his musicality and experimentation - his weird Indian-inspired stuff is great.

                          I like Sonny Landreth's technique of fretting behind the slide - I've always liked to do this myself, but never with much success. Probably because my action isn't half an inch high like his appears to be in the above video!


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                            I liked it. Yeah, I wouldn't weigh in on the >,< or = matter, but I would say I liked the tone of that bit by Sonny better than most anything I've heard from Derek. I know the Derek is knighted a phenomena, but I have not really clicked with his music yet.

                            So what's the top recommendation of a CD with Sonny?
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                              Sonny is great, no question. I put him up there with Brozman as far as slide playing goes, and that's saying quite a lot.

                              But Derek Trucks... he's just on another page, as far as I'm concerned. I don't think of him as a slide player - more as a hell of a guitarist who just happens to play slide from time to time, if that makes any sense. I can't think of very many other musicians that whose playing is such a consistent source of inspiration for me.