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WAY too much feedback!!


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  • WAY too much feedback!!

    Ok so I put a set of Blackouts in my ESP today. AHB-1 in the neck and AHB-2 in the bridge. I get crazy amounts of feedback with these. I play high gain stuff and I use an ns-1. I also have a guitar that has active EMG's in it and I dont have an issue with them at all.

    Playing with amp volume set to band levels I have to max out the ns-2 and still get CRAZY feedback with the Blackouts, I switch to the EMG guitar and I can set the ns-2 at about 10 o'clock and not have any feedback what so ever.

    Is that just the nature of the beast with Blackouts? or could there be a problem? I have googled but cant seem to find anyone complaining about excessive feedback with the blackouts.

    Fresh 9v's in both guitars, I did notice one thing while wiring the blackouts in. The blackouts still use the ground wire to the bridge where the EMG's dont. I dont know, I mean with this amount of feedback I couuld never play live with these pickups.

    Any ideas?

    Current Rig

    Ampeg Vh140c
    Mesa Traditional 4x12
    sd-1 (used as clean boost)
    That's what she said

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    I also DO NOT have feedback issues with the AHB-1 thats in the neck, only the AHB-2 thats in the bridge.
    That's what she said