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'Profile' brand Les Paul copy?


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  • 'Profile' brand Les Paul copy?

    Anybody ever heard of this Profile brand, or has one?
    I bought one on CL for $200 Canadian a week ago.
    Have not touched my 79 Gibson 'The Paul' since.
    The 'Profile is at least 20 years old and probably MIJ.
    I can't put it down.

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    That's a sweet looking LP! Congrats!

    I'm pretty into MIJ and have never come across that name before but I am constantly surprised by stuff so who knows.

    Any serial number anywhere? Looks set neck...is it? You could also try looking in the pickup cavities for any info or on the backs of the pickups.


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      From what I've read , they were made in Japan and Korea in the 80's for the UK Australian and Canadian markets .
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        Thanks guys.
        It is a bolt on with a S/N stamped on the neckplate: 891853 if that means anything to anybody.

        It also has a sticker on the back of the headstock from a local music shop which went out of business years and years ago.

        I haven't taken the pickups out yet maybe there will be more clues in the cavities.
        I gather that 'Profile' was just a branded name for a select market or distributor.

        Just wondering who actually made these guitars? Or any info, anything about them?

        For such an old instrument this thing is amazing.
        It still looks and plays like it's brand new.

        The photo's don't do justice for the cherry burst finish. In person it is absolutley stunning.
        The action is like butter, smooth no buzzes.
        And... not a whisper of a scratch or crackle from the pots or selector switch.

        Anyway, I'm a happy camper.


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          I found this thread over on the Tokai forum.

          http://www.tokaiforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=16305&sid=7ccd80ff5282c145718731e5 cb6bede0