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Check out my birthday present.


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  • Check out my birthday present.

    Full disclosure: This is a Ravenwest 570 T, and I occasionally do some work for Ravenwest, and the guy who owns the company is a close friend who gave me this guitar for my birthday.

    I have to be honest about that, but it doesn't affect my opinion of the guitar. suffice to say it plays and sounds every bit as good as my Fender. Plus it has a deeper cutaway and an extra fret. It has a slightly deeper tone than the fender, probably because of the mahogany body and the neck through body design. (Some people think, that if it doesn't have a bolt on neck it's not a "real" Tele. All I can say is that it's a real guitar, a real good guitar.

    I'm totally stoked. Not just because it was a gift, but because it kicks ass.

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    Happy Birthday!

    I've been looking at RWGs for a while now. They are pretty.


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      Happy Birthday, and that's a gorgeous guitar!

      Who cares if it's not technically a Tele? It's still nice; if it were me, I'd drop some Sc-sized humbuckers in there to take advantage of the mahogany but if those pickups work . . . rock the **************** out of it!
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        Happy Birthday Stringman! Looks like a a player. I've had a an older Raven (Ray era) that was stolen at a gig. One of the sweetest guitars I ever played. IIRC, you have had more then a few over the years.
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          Sweet Sweet Birthday!

          Nice Guitar!
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              That guitar looks great. Happy birthday and enjoy the hell outta that guitar!
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                woo hoo! Happy Birthday!

                That's a cool guitar and I dig the bear print inlays.
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                  That's a beauty. HNGD & HBDay


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                    Woah! That really is a great-looking guitar. I like the paw inlays!
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                      Man, that's hot. Neck-thru too. Nice.


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                        Very, very nice.
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                          I'd take that over a fender in a heartbeat, congrats!
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                            Dayum, is that ever purty.
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