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  • NLSGD (new lap steel guitar day)

    I had never played one prior to today, so please don't be too critical

    $100. from MF, Rogue tuned to C6

    It came with a gig bag, support legs and a little allen wrench. This should drive my kids crazy for a while. Any good sites (free) dedicated to teaching lap steel ?

    I figured for the price, why not. it seems to be a very nice , simple lap steel. I also ordered a "tone bar" but that didn't show up (yet). I just used a chromed brass slide (for now). Maybe it will show up tomorrow.
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    Can't get the soundclip to open.

    Looks cool and the price is right. HNLSD (we are talking about guitars and not drugs right?)
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      Nice! And I can't believe the price of those things. There's nothing like the sound of the steel guitar.
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        My first was very similar to that. I can't deal with the 20" scale length, but it's still a great way to start down the lap steel road.

        As for the clips:
        Rule #1, rest the pinky of your left hand on the strings behind the slide to mute them and prevent that buzzing.
        Rule #2, finger picking is essential on lap steel. And it's as much about muting strings you don't want to hear as it is about plucking the ones you do.

        It'll take some practice to get used to it, but once you get the hang of it you'll be amazed at how great the simplest things sound

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          ^^^thank you for the "lesson". Yes I have much "technique" to learn. I ordered a tone bar with it, but it didn't arrive (yet). I've ordered other multiple things from MF and have them show up different days. I did get the receipt/bill of lading which showed the tone bar listed, but it wasn't in the package. I'll give the mail a few days before I e-mail the sales dude at MF . He has straightened out a few screw up in the past. I kind of expect mishaps now, dealing with MF, but it all gets straightened out eventually.
          I'm really diggin' this thing. Now I want a 4 fretboard one.
          This thing certainly is much fun. I'm driving my kids crazy (they don't really mind).
          I'm not that familiar with the "scale lengths" on the various styles of lap steel guitars. I'm going to have to "google" that LOL.
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              congrats! what's the scale length on that one?


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                congrats! what's the scale length on that one?

                from the nut to the saddles is 21"

                has 28 frets
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                  Can't get the soundclip to open.

                  Looks cool and the price is right. HNLSD (we are talking about guitars and not drugs right?)

                  no LSD today
                  So many guitars, so little time


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                    Happy New Lap Steel Day! ... they are a ton of fun!

                    To learn more about steel guitar, definitely check out The Steel Guitar Forum, the Steel Without Pedals section is the lap steel area. Its well worth the $5 to join, but you can read it all for free.
                    Brads Page Of Steel is worth checking out too, lots of good general history, info, and tunings.
                    John Ely has a great page on strings with a very handy chart.

                    ... I'm not that familiar with the "scale lengths" on the various styles of lap steel guitars. I'm going to have to "google" that LOL.

                    22.5" - 23" are historically the most common lap steel scale lengths, but there are many other examples ranging up to the 26" long scale Fender Stringmaster. Of note, Fender made the Stringmaster in 22.5", 24.5", and 26".

                    There are trade offs between long and short scale. Generally, the short scale is going to be a bit easier to do forward and reverse bar slants on. This is one of the main reasons that 22.5" - 23" became the de facto "standard" as the mass bulk of the steels made were inexpensive entry level beginner instruments.

                    Longer scale steels can have better sustain, richer harmonics, a bigger / richer tone, and are a bit easier to play in tune due to the wider window between fret markers.
                    Slants can be a little trickier when playing down by the nut, but certainly doable.
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                      I second the motion about joining the steel guitar forum. You'll find tons of information there. You'll also find links to steel guitar specialty shops that can provide you with everything you need.

                      And if the time comes when you want graduate to a pedal steel, you'll find lots of helpful advise and people who are more than willing to help you get started.
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