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Retiring tomorrow from UPS after 32.5 years!!!!!!!!


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  • Retiring tomorrow from UPS after 32.5 years!!!!!!!!

    I feel so fortunate. Not only to be able to hold a job for that long, but, one with the same company!

    YAY ME!

    I am also fortunate, to find another part time job for 15 hours a week. I will be working in downtown Roanoke at the FretMill. I am going to be their electric guitar, amplifier, effects recording, product specialist. I will be playing the guitar for 5 hours, more or less, for three days a week. And they will be paying me. Shoot, I should be paying them!

    If you all can
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    Hey!!! Hey!!! Congrat's on all the accounts! now: HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry in advance for my "Engrish". My first language is French.



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      Congrats Gary.

      I envy you.

      Now, play that guitar.
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        Congrats, sounds awesome.
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        I'm not biased or anything, but everyone should think what I think.

        Originally Posted by fly_with_v

        Read, judge, and keep it to yourself, no one cares.


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          Congrats- my dad worked for UPS about as long as you did. I hope your profit sharing and retirement is as good as his was, he got in on the IPO which went up 8 times or so from what employees got it for the first day! The days of companies having retirement plans like UPS have nearly gone the way of the dinosaur.
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            Congratulations! WOW....32-1/2 years is an accomplishment. What did you do at UPS? I have a friend that works for UPS in Louisville that has at least 30 years. Nice stock options and pension!


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              Hats off to you! That is an accomplishment. I have 37 at the same employer and in this day & age your lucky to have a company be around that long to even work for an extended period.
              > .


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                Congratulations! Now those brown trucks will mean for you what they mean to the rest of us - new gear has arrived.
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                  Congrats, Riffy!


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                    Congrats! Though, Now I know why my guitars never show up.
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                      Congrats! You've got me thinking now...I wonder if I could acquire enough skillz in the next 20 years to make a semi-living as a guitar tech when I retire? Hmm.


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                        Congrats Gary!!

                        I'll be able to retire in another 90 or so years.
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                          I come from a long line of retirees. I cannot wait to join the list!
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                            Way to go. Congrats!
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