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  • HNGD: Sparkly, Pearly, Neo-Firebird V content!

    I GASsed over these Italia guitars, but only saw new ones listed for $549 and up. Then one day, this popped up for $399, free shipping, plus a Guitar Research soft case! Could not resist the GAS!!!

    The Wilkinson pups are pretty hot, I'm really digging the neck pup. Set my gain at 1 1/2, just enough grit. I can also nail the guitar tone from Wire's Pink Flag in that zone. They do squeal if the gain is over 5, but plenty crunchy goodness! The trem is real simple, just a round bar that turns. Works well! I'm mighty pleased with it for the $. It was all gravy, except it arrived right as another auction was ending. I was working, but asked my wife to throw a bid on a natural fin Electromatic DC jet; almost a Malcolm Young. Oh well, maybe another time! -Adam
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    I've always lusted after that model, but never could wrap my head around buying one without playing it first. Congrats to you !
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      ...when I'm 64...


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        i have come to the conclusion that he is some form of god. no mere mortal has that many guitars/pedals/amp/anything. "It boggles my mind. His collection is the most glorious and true expression of GAS.To each his own though. Amazing collection of beauties. It takes some seriously messed up OCD to compile a collection like that.I hate BBreaker. Damn, I hate him.Suck it.We learned that bbreaker is some sort of god. A god of whine.fk this guy.


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          Was worried you'd bought a Firebird-X by your title. Much better choice. HNGD!
          **************** detuning, I'm gonna start using a capo when I play my speed metal. WHEEDLY WHEEDLY WHEEEE!!!


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            That's definitely one of their coolest models. I almost bought a Rimini but they changed from P-90s to mini-buckers on the new models and at the time I was looking into them and I really wanted a P-90 guitar then.


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              pretty sweet for $399! congrats!

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                  That's totally absurd - me likey!

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                    3 humbuckers - no waiting. 4 sparkly paws up from Lamb Chop.
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                    Originally Posted by Bob411

                    Nice ass Mrs. Woody.


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                      That is super sexy! Makes me want to cover my couch in plastic and sit in the buff.
                      Great Deals

                      Originally Posted by jjpistols

                      Damn son! Not only are you a master dealer, I also crown you king of the multiquote!

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                        Love it!


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                          woo hoo!
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                            I've thought those were sick for absolutely years! Congrats!!!
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                            Originally Posted by Strung_Out

                            your rig is excessive and loud; I dig that.


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                              HNGD, love firebirds, but tis finish hurts my eyes
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