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  • Vintage Gretsch?


    Would this be a good price for the guitar? I've looked up info on them and can't find TOO much, except it's used in a popular pop/rock band. Anyone have one and love them?
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    I would consider that a pretty good price even with the few non-original bits. The reissues sell for that much!

    You might have an extremely difficult time finding an arm for that Burns tail piece, but if you don't use a trem it wouldn't be that much of an issue.
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      agree with Tweedledee ^^^
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        agree with Tweedledee ^^^

        +1! The reissues are $624 on ebay, I got a deal on a used one. Those original HiLo Trons sound good, but have very low output. The actual coiuls are tiny! But that guitar has major mojo! -Adam
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