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  • Custom HSS wiring question

    I have a Axl Marquee SRO. It's basically a cheapo HSS Strat copy. I'd like to wire it up as follows:
    - N and M on a 4 way tele switch using 250k volume and tone pots with a .047 cap
    - B wired straight to a 500k volume with no tone.

    It should be straight forward enough. I'm thinking that I can run two output wires to the jack. One would run from the 500k pot and another from the 250k volume pot. The bridge HB would be hooked up like this. Since the 500k pot is not wired to the switch, it should not interfere with the 250k pots.

    Does this make sense? It seems like it could be a pretty cool setup by the time I'm done with it.

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    I think I understand what you are talking about, and it should work. I assume you don't want to be able to switch the bridge on and off and just turn the volume off if you don't want the bridge in the mix right? As long as you ground it properly (which I always have trouble figuring out for some reason) it should be fine I would think.
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