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    Killer looking guitar. The white with the flames is sick!
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      Hey Mario is that from the run over at the JCF? Looks better then the mock up if thats the guitar. Nice one congrats. Also how is the tone from your PC1's compared to the les paul ,are they close? Thanks and sweet axe.
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        Awesome guitar! Congrats!
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            smoking hot! congrats!


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              Wowee Zowee!!!

              Ultimate hotness....

              ...when I'm 64...


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                Hey Mario is that from the run over at the JCF? Looks better then the mock up if thats the guitar. Nice one congrats. Also how is the tone from your PC1's compared to the les paul ,are they close? Thanks and sweet axe.

                Yep from jcf. PC1 has a similar tone to les Paul's. Big ballsy, sweet and raunchy.. sustain. All there. One of these days I Will make a comparison video .
                I love guitars!


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                  Awesome! I wish Jackson used the 3way toggle like that on the lower lines, I might own a Dinky.
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                    That is absolutely beautiful, Mario.

                    Long live the pointy headstock!!!!!


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                      yeah i know, right? When I ordered it, I was still happily playing in the band and didn't even consider that I would retire. Dealing with untrustworthy venue owners, flakey musicians, band drama, drunks and general scumbags in bars kinda took all the wind out of my sails.

                      Might play out again someday, but I will be setting my sights much higher.

                      So, there is a way around all that?

                      Do tell.
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                      I just let the pee flow. The places I play, no one notices or have peed themselves too.

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                        Wow, stunning instrument. I really like the white on white vibe - surprisingly classy. Congrats on your acquisition!

                        My own USA Soloist is one of the better necks I've ever played, I need to get some new/better shots of that one.

                        One thing people who don't own these guitars don't realize: the paint is amazing - you could shave in the mirror-like finish.
                        Mine still looks new over a decade after I bought it. No relic here!
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                          Beautiful guitar; nice choices you made!
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                            white/metallic/translucent is pure win sauce.

                            white bobbins... had to be done.

                            chrome hardware instead of black MUCH classier and cleaner.

                            chrome pickup rings tie it all together.

                            ****************ing hawt

                            might be the best Jackson i've ever seen... re-post these here and take over!
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                              you should name the guitar La Flama Blanca after Kenny Powers in season 2 of Eastbound and Down

                              Awesome looking guitar and please post more pics of your game room/guitar room/man cave/fun town
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                                That is seriously wicked cool!
                                Great Deals

                                Originally Posted by jjpistols

                                Damn son! Not only are you a master dealer, I also crown you king of the multiquote!

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