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I think I'm in love - American Woman Guitar Lesson


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  • I think I'm in love - American Woman Guitar Lesson

    Someone else posted a thread about American Girl. It got me to thinking about American Woman, so I youtube'd a lesson on it. This one popped up. I have no idea what she's doing or what she says, but take a look!

    P.S. Sorry if there's a commercial for Progressive in front of it, at least that's what I got.

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    Hard to believe the Guess Who was her first concert...what, was she 6?


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      Hard to believe the Guess Who was her first concert...what, was she 6?

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        Yeah, I'm guessing either she was 4 years old and the video itself is 10 years old, or it was a revival tour of some sort.
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          lol does her face seem overly greasy/made up to anyone else?
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            One of the rare cases you would prefer they pull the camera out so we could see her face etc.... I was hoping she'd do the main lead riff, but guess it is named at newbies. Other than that, done well enough to get the idea.
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              I love to hear her say "G-string"
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                my cousin George is hitting that


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                  Note to camera guy: Vaseline goes on the camera lens, not the poor girl's face.


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                    Isn't she Cee Lo Green's guitarist?
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