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What are some of your favorite CDs that feature BLUES electric guitar?

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  • What are some of your favorite CDs that feature BLUES electric guitar?

    What are some of your favorites?

    You might respond that there are too many great ones out there to pick, so if that is the case, pick some that you would put on your CD player today.

    I'm liking Albert King's "Born Under a Bad Sign."
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      Howlin Wolf - LONDON SESSIONS
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        The Things That I Used To Do by Guitar Slim and Otis Rush's You Know My Love. The Chess Records version


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          Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs
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            Texas Flood
            My old band


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              Howlin Wolf - LONDON SESSIONS

              play it often


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                Fleetwood Mac debut cd.
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                  Texas Flood

                  I've been listening to that a lot lately. Livestock as well.


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                    BB King - Live at The Regal


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                      If You Love These Blues, Play 'em as You Please Mike Bloomfield instructional record for Guitar Player.
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                        Fleetwood Mac in Chicago


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                          Any album where John Scofield plays the blues.
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                              im going to post some more modernish kinda stuff

                              Alman Brothers.. live at the philmore
                              Buddy Guy.. Feel like Rain
                              D Bramhall 2.. Welcome
                              Black Crowes.. Southern
                              Derek Trucks Song Lines
                              BB King and EC.. riding with the King...

                              well thats about what on my Ipod... well Iriver h320.. with rockbox!!
                              Electric Cowbell.. meh...

                              Scuzzo's Sound Clicks
                              Mixed for Headphones only
                              all pictures sound the same....
                              The"Let Me Hear Your Original Works" please feel free to add your stuff..