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First real photos of the new butterscotch Classic Vibe Tele


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  • First real photos of the new butterscotch Classic Vibe Tele

    I came across this on TGP. I thought some people here would be interested in seeing these.

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    Very nice packaging. I'm surprised how they wrapped the neck.
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      How do these sound compared to a regular Fender tele?
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        ......goddammit do I ever want.
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          Another one? Stop it Squire! I already have two Classic Vibes and am gassing for more.

          Thanks for the post! I didn't even know there was a butterscotch version.
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            DAMN that looks sweet.
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              Very nice packaging. I'm surprised how they wrapped the neck.

              I think that's actually the strings that are wrapped-I had an Agile come dressed like that.
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                For some reason, I'm not at all impressed. I still like the original Classic Vibe Tele the best.


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                  me likey! pickup specs are quite different than the ones off of my CV...

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                    MY EYES MY EYES
                    my eyes are burnt because what I see is too hot


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                      yup.. it's a tele.
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                        I like the look of the butterscotch best.

                        The only thing stopping me from getting one of those things is that I wish it had a fatter neck.

                        I'm still tempted though.
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                          Good lookin', but I like the pups in the original better - assuming these are the same pups as the CVC.
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                            over here in Thailand alot of shops have the guitars out on display with the paper wrap over the strings. I know from plenty of experience that they corrode quickly, but c'mon you think I'm gonna buy without a try?
                            Oh, btw, looks really nice.... I love butterscotch
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                              If I didn't already have a '52 AVRI Tele I would buy one of these at the soonest available opportunity.
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