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Own up - Whats your secret guilty pleasure?

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  • Own up - Whats your secret guilty pleasure?

    I am a Stones, AC/DC, Zep, Beck, Pistols sort of guy but I love these
    “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching”
    Gerard Way

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    Dressing up like a pretty lady....

    oh you meant music.....uh.....nevermind
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    Originally Posted by Blackface

    I'm not biased or anything, but everyone should think what I think.

    Originally Posted by fly_with_v

    Read, judge, and keep it to yourself, no one cares.


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      And Tommy Emmanuel.
      Originally Posted by Hopeless

      I wouldn't recommend them for metal, but then I also wouldn't recommend playing metal.

      Originally Posted by Django Sentenza

      When you've founded an entire branch of science dedicated to quantifying taste, get back to me.


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        Duran Duran...
        AKA Gary...
        Laney Posse

        Originally Posted by rgorke

        I had this dream last night (seriously I did) about Ed and we were hanging out and he said the key to his tone back then was the Schlitz Malt Liquor.


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          im well past the point of caring what the public thinks of my musical selection... every thing i listen to hold some validity to me.. its all good... even the really bad..
          big fan of Bork, Garbage, Luscious Jackson, Lyle Lovette, Annie Lenox, No Doubt, dont really have a musical guilty pleasure... dont believe in them..
          Electric Cowbell.. meh...

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            I apologize in advance I like it though

            "Can somebody give me a hand with all this talent?"


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              I like Duran Duran too which is funny because back in the day it was pretty much a license to an ass kicking to admit that.

              I also love old Chicago, stuff like Saturday in the Park just brings back a lot of memories.
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                HD Porn!


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                  Smoke Shisha/Hookah
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                    I don't hide my guilty pleasures. I like what I like and **************** people who think it's cheesy. For me there are only 2 types of music...good and bad. And even then "bad" music isn't bad's just music I don't like.

                    But not to be too much of a kill joy...cause I do understand what you're's a couple of songs I could never admit to friends I liked when I was a kid because it wasn't "cool". Being primarily into metal most of my friends just couldn't get it. But has since made me realize how many different kinds of music I was into as a kid compared to the rest of my friends.


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                      I'm learning french horn...

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                        I like a wide variety of stuff, so I don't have anything that I would consider a "guilty pleasure".
                        That being said, amongst all the doom/death/blues/rock/etc., I've become a fan of Rihanna. Sounds crazy, but along with being smoking hot, I just find the sound of her singing voice irresistible.
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                          Elton John.
                          Besides being a guitar player,
                          I'm a big fan of the guitar.
                          I love that damn instrument.
                          -Steve Vai


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                            Boz Scaggs is great.

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                              I heard some old Bush song on the radio at work the other day and I thought to myself "This is kind of good."