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  • Rediscovering Your Gear

    Ever pull something out of the closet--a guitar/amp/effect--that you haven't played for awhile and rediscovered that magic that caused you to purchase it in the first place?

    I've been drooling over all of those little boutique 5 watt wonders for the last couple of weeks by Cornford, Top Hat, Carr, etc. The thought crossed my mind, 'How come they are all EL84 or 6v6 based?' Why no EL34 or KT66 based low wattage amps?

    Then I remember! Aha! My THD Univalve will do that. So I spent the afternoon playing a Les Paul thru the THD with an EL34 using my Vox AC30TBX with Celestion Blues for a cab and holy hell. It sounded just like a Marshall, but with the single power tube and built in Hot Plate, I could reign in the volume.

    Why have you been hiding in the closet for the last 6 months?

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    I like rediscovering my hiding in the gear closet guitars that I haven't played in forever or forgot about. It cures G.A.S. for awhile. Recently rediscovered this one.