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  • Show me your "Jazz" guitars

    Thinking about a jazz box for the next guitar...what are you guys/gals playing?
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    Well...I just picked this up. Does it qualify?

    Jay Turser ES-335 copy

    Right now it has roundwounds on it but soon it will have flatwounds for that jazz tone. I also play through a vintage Roland Cube 60 (orange tolex). That also yields a nice clean jazz sound.
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      Fusion Blues 'Soho'. Discontinued, but still floating around out there.

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        Well, I play a little bit of everything on this axe including more modern jazz (Scofield, Metheny, etc). Luna Athena with custom humbuckers wound by Terry Kuntz (Bug T) in Little Rock, Arkansas. Its a thinline construction rather than the traditional semi hollow construction and as such leans far more to the solid body end of the spectrum than hollow but I really like this guitar. Full review here.

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          When I was playing jazz from the 30's-50's, these are what I was using...
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            Custom Wired Strat Pickguard Assemblies - PM me to discuss specs & pricing

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              I don't (can't) play jazz, or much of anything else these days, but I still have a few relics laying around the place...

              Don't have the orange AF anymore, but the yellow and green guitars are still with me..

              Not a good headstock, but I kind of like the rest of it....


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                Hagstrom HJ500


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                  Nice guitars. I've found if you put the seymour duncan jazz in the neck of any nice guitar, you will have a killer jazz guitar! Even a BC Rich Bich or Gibson SG...
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                  I will be looking for a nice high gain amp head in early August. Will trade anything in my sig except the M2.
                  I've been playing a lot of Jazz on my ESP through my Fender DRRI lately. How metal is that?
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                    I was in a jazz fusion band for a while. I played an Epi SG with that band.
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                      Gibson ES-335

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                        Dis ting!

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                          Jazz is music, not gear.

                          But I know what you mean.


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                            I am planning to satinize this one with a scotchbrite pad...and maybe have the pickup rewound. My affordable jazz box.

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