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    Anybody here own one? Or played one at some point? I'm curious what the deal was with these. There's one for sale on my local Craigslist. It looks pretty sweet.

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    Always sorta wanted one. Looks like Ibanez just sorta threw whatever hardware onto that body shape they could at different times of production, I've seen so many pickup loadouts and general hardware stuff on them it's sorta ridiculous.
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      I've got a TC620 ( i think, it's on loan right now)

      Thin body, 3 lipsticks and a weird sorta strat style trem.

      Great neck and plays great.

      It's got a beefy strat sound, and sounds much more stratty than the actual fenders I own.
      Here's some crappy old pics of it. (big)


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        I remember playing one years ago. I always thought they were a little quirky and very cool. I remember liking the sound, but it was so long ago I can't really give much detail.
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          I have one with P-90's ...great little guitar, and sort of collectible. The necks are surprisingly solid and beefy for such a small body guitar...a blast to play.


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            I had a 3 lipstick pickup model with the flame top. Nothing remarkable, nothing really bad about it either. It was ok. For what I paid, it was definitely better than buying something new for the same price.


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              I've got the 3 lipstick model like ComingApart. I really like it a lot. I love the neck, but that's a subjective thing. The guitar sounds great, though not stratty to me. It's a little more mellow than a strat IMO. The trem feels awesome. I say go get it if the price is right.
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                I had one of the lipstick pickup models and sold it to a relative, who is supposed to sell it back to me if he ever sells it. I have a humbucker model now, tc420, and it is one of my favorite guitars. It plays fantastic and has easy high fret access. One of Ibanez best models ever, imho. If you can pick one up on a good deal, I would do it.

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                  cool guitars! go for it!

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                    You guys are awesome! Thanks! How would you describe the necks in your experience?
                    Here is the one on CL:


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                      Interesting concept. You really can't go wrong with Ibanez
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                        I've been jonesing for a P90 model for a while. There was a p90 with a bigsby model, I think, that would be ideal.
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                          I've always wanted the lipstick version. Loved them when they came, but never got one. Still want.


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                            Holy ****************, the necks on those are so nice. Everyone I've played has been AMAZINGGGGG

                            Ideal strat neck
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                              You guys are awesome! Thanks! How would you describe the necks in your experience?
                              Here is the one on CL:

                              If I had to guess, I'd say it's shaped closest to the "modern oval" in the diagram below...it definitely fills your hand and it's got some shoulders. I'm not usually a fat neck kinda guy, but this neck does feel sorta fat-ish. Yet, something about it makes it comfortable to me.

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