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A good small amp for hollow body (Godin Kingpin II)?


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  • A good small amp for hollow body (Godin Kingpin II)?

    I'm about to purchase a Godin Kingpin II, and afterwards I'm going to get a new small amp to go with it. I'm more of an acoustic player, and I'm really just looking to find one relatively clean sound that I really love. Maybe a tiny bit of distortion if necessary. Kind of like what you might hear on a Cowboy Junkies record.

    Any recommendations? The usual suspects seem to be the Fender Champion 600, the Epiphone Valve Jr., and the Vox AC4. I've thought about the Super Champ XD to get the delay and reverb, but I'd almost like to avoid all the other modeling features it has. I know there are boutique options that blow away the above, but I just don't have the money for them.

    But I'm also new to hollow bodies, so there might be some peculiarities I'm not anticipating. Any advice is appreciated, and thanks in advance!

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    Tech 21 Trademark 30 would be a top choice for me. Solid state analog modelling, real spring reverb and big enough to take to a jam...yet still sounds good turned down. Also has a cab emulated line out to go to a recorder or pa. With a 10" speaker, it's big enough to sound good, but only weighs 15 pounds.

    Champ 600 sounds killer with a Kingpin...but most amps I've heard with a Kingpin plugged into them sound pretty good.

    Probably the best advice is to take your guitar to the store and try some out.

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      I plug it into champ 600, it sounds killer but imo the amp is just too small for the big sound in that guitar.
      Find a nice clean solid state amp, for example a roland cube 30, it's small and have a big good clean sound.


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        Agree with EG. These babies sound good through most amps. I use it for playin' the Blues. It sounds great through both my Blues Jr and Mustang. If you want small, I would suggest the Mustang.
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          Thanks guys. I actually have a Tech 21 Trademark 10, but it's across the country with family and I'd like to have an amp available both places anyway. I like it a lot, but I'm actually kind of interested in an amp with extremely limited options so I don't get distracted. I'll give the Champ 600 a try for that, as well as the other suggestions.


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              Vox Pathfinder 15R
              Crate VC2110 or Palomino 16

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                I second the Pathfinder. Trem and reverb for $120 new. Can't beat it.


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                  Not the AC4 - distorts very early and is really loud (great amp - just probably not what you're looking for). The Champ 600 is great . . . it can be a little dark 9I'm not sure what a Kingpin sounds like - have never played one), but I love mine with a Tele . . .
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                    What's your budget? For tube amps you can't go wrong with the Fender Blues Junior or Pro Junior. The Blues Junior has the Fat switch, more EQ, reverb and a 12" speaker which might make it more attractive. The Pro Junior just has volume, tone and a 10" speaker. Anyone who claims these amps don't sound great is a few coupons short of a toaster oven; I've seen (and heard) plenty of pro players use these amps to great effect.

                    If those are too big for you, then I'd suggest the Vox AC-4; pretty stripped down but it sounds great. The only downside is that it distorts pretty early on, which might be a drawback depending on the style you play. The Champ 600 is a sweet amp if you just use it as a head through an extension cab; not a big fan of the stock speaker.

                    When it comes to solid state, the Fender Mustang, the Tech 21 Trademark 30 and the Roland Cubes are tops, IMO.
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                      Great suggestions so far.

                      However I wouldn't recommend making any decision until you test drive a Peavey Classic 30 and a Blackstar HT-5.
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                        If you're looking for mainly small and clean, I would stay with a SS. If you're going tube, go with a used SCXD and stay on the clean channel


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                          If you're looking for mainly small and clean, I would stay with a SS. If you're going tube, go with a used SCXD and stay on the clean channel

                          or 15 Jazz


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                            Traynor YCV20. Pretty versatile, and it leaves you with an all Canadian rig.
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                              Good thread guys--I'm sure others will find it helpful, too.

                              As for my budget, it's not high, so the Traynors aren't really an option for me. I could probably afford a Blues Jr. or Pro Junior--and like them--but in reality they might be too much amp for me (I live in an old apartment building and am very conscious of noise).

                              I'm going to try as many of these as I can, but I'm intrigued by the simplicity of the Champion 600. I'm mainly an acoustic guitar and piano player, and honestly, I find the options on amps and keyboards to be distracting a lot of the time. I love listening to guitarists who are creative with effects, but I usually want that one basic tone with a few minor variations. Most of what I record will be guitar and voice with minor accompaniment.

                              I do love the idea of the USB out on the Mustang, but that amp may just repeat a lot of what's available on the Trademark 10 I have already. I wish the Champion 600 had a line out feature.