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JULY Spam Thread - You NEED new gear this summer. You know it, we know it. DO IT!


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  • JULY Spam Thread - You NEED new gear this summer. You know it, we know it. DO IT!

    Got something guitar-related that you need to sell? Post it here!

    All spam outside of this thread will be deleted.

    By popular demand:

    1) All spam outside of this thread will be deleted.

    2) Only one post per item per person. If you "update" your price and bump your post, YOU HAVE TO DELETE YOUR ORIGINAL POST.

    3) If you are a repeat offender you will be given a temp ban.

    4) Haggling and questions do not belong in this thread. If you have a question, send a PM to the person.

    5) Do not "quote" somebodies post with their huge photos in it. If you think they have nice gear, send them a PM.

    6) Do not criticize the price someone chooses to set for their gear. It's their gear, they can sell it for whatever they want. If the price is wrong, it won't sell, not your problem, let them worry about it.

    7) Only music related gear should be posted for sale here. If you have video games, iPods, or lawn mowers, post those in the classifieds forum, not here.

    Also: "Stealth" SPAM posted outside this thread will either be deleted or moved to the classified section.
    If you need to know "how much can I get for this guitar?" go to eBay and check the completed listings. Too many people post threads like that pretending to want price advice, but what they are really doing is trying to circumvent the "no spam" rule.
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    **FOR SALE**

    more stuff soon

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    Saving a spot for later...


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      More info and pictures in my sig.

      Originally posted by fu2jobu"1999 was all about me wanting to find Lou Bega and giving him a few good bitch slaps. "FS/FT - LTD Mirage guitar with EMG pickups. (MIJ)http://www.harmonycentral.com/t5/Electric-Guitars/FS-FT-LTD-Mirage-guitar-emg-pickups/m-p/36167161/highlight/false#M290782


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        Fender Princeton Chorus amp

        Would prefer a local pickup in the Hudson Valley NY area. But will consider shipping. Looking to get $200 from a member or trade for something decent in terms of electric guitar

        Originally posted by fu2jobu"1999 was all about me wanting to find Lou Bega and giving him a few good bitch slaps. "FS/FT - LTD Mirage guitar with EMG pickups. (MIJ)http://www.harmonycentral.com/t5/Electric-Guitars/FS-FT-LTD-Mirage-guitar-emg-pickups/m-p/36167161/highlight/false#M290782


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          ALL SOLD


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            I want to swap my Marshall Bluesbreaker, all original mid 90's, for a smaller tube combo amp like a Mesa Express or something like it. I need to have two channels and a great clean sound. Portability is a must.

            Local deals are preferred but we can talk about shipping.

            I will e-mail pictures to you. It is worn from touring and has aged gracefully, looks like an amp from the '60s.

            I looked around evil bay and saw the lowest one going for $1,800. That seemed a little steep to me, so I'm going to say around $1,600.

            What I'm looking for:
            Mesa Express
            Orange Combo
            Gibson ES-335/339
            Other guitars/amps + cash?

            I love the amp, but I need to get rid of it. It's way too loud for my apartment and way more than I need. Also posting in the electric guitars section as I'm also looking for guitars.
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              Ok, here I bring some stuff to sell... some Guitar Related

              Agile Hornet Pro 725- [COLOR="red"]TRADE
              Recently got her, awesome neck!!!
              -EMG 707 Pickups
              -25.5" scale 1 piece maple set neck
              -Mahogany Body
              -Grover Die Cast tuners
              -Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo (Upgraded to this Tremolo, you dont' have to clip your ball ends
              -Refretted Last week
              -I'll throw in a Coffin Case (the BIG ONE)
              -Has a chip on a wing (sanded down to prevent more paint peeling) and a weird paint crack or something on the other wing

              Winged C and Svetlana Tubes!- [COLOR="red"]$$$
              I know that all of them are used, but I don't know how much, since I got them in a trade... I got them Checked (except the Groove tubes)last week (at www.valvequeen.com, btw thx Laura), I got all the Tester's Measurements, If you want to see the info, just ask away.
              I really don't know what those numbers really mean, so I have no clue on the working condition of them, but I DO KNOW that they work (tried them all in my Recto-Verb)

              4x SED (Winged C) =C= 6l6GC [COLOR="red"](1x=$30, 2x=$55 4x=$100)Shipped/PP'd - O.B.O.
              (2 of them are Paired, the other 2 are close (I Think))

              1x Svetlana EL34 [COLOR="red"](1x=$15) [COLOR="red"]. 2 SOLD - Only 1 left

              Jackson RR3
              Jackson DK2M
              LTD MH-400
              LTD M-350
              Dean Zx- in pieces
              Framus Cobra
              Peavey 5150
              Carvin Legacy 4x12

              Excellent Transactions

              Originally Posted by Spaced Out Ace

              I have three Ltd's and can stroke the guitar necks like the male co-star in a porno about to blow his load. I don't find them to be sharp.

              Originally Posted by ~Abstract~

              "I'll buy your guitar...but I'm gonna need to take about 5 bucks off for the Lysol I'll need to disinfect it."

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                Clearing out some gear. Only trades I'd be interested in are a Baron or a 2204 JCM800. Prices do not include shipping.

                First up a Mills Afterburner 4x12 in white tolex, white piping and salt and pepper grill. Has a Vintage 30/Hellatone 30(Celestion G12H30's broken in by Avatar) X-pattern, 120 watt 16 ohm cab. I'm the original owner, has some rubber marks on the top from amps sitting on it otherwise super clean. Ordered new with those options would run $1359 plus shipping, about $120 from Alabama to here if I remember right. $750. Pickup only, willing to drive to meet but I can't ship something this big.

                Sitting on top of that is a Fortin spec DSL, modded with Mike's specs he posted on here along with a choke and footswitchable clean and crunch modes with an internal trim pot for crunch volume so there's no volume difference between clean and crunch on the green channel. Work was NOT done by Mike Fortin, done here locally by Randy Adkins at Vintage Amp Repair, just want to be sure it is clear that the work wasn't done by Mike himself, just done to his specs that were posted here. Been trying to find a headshell for it, if you've got a 2204 and want to trade amps and swap headshells let me know. The white tolex/clear front panel headshell is not for sale or trade, I recovered it with my Dad and I'm not letting it go for sentimental reasons. I'd buy a Splawn headshell for it with your choice of tolex and grill. PM me if interested.

                Carvin DC135T. Abalone block inlays, rounded body edges, black hardware, wilkinson trem and tweed case. M22SD bridge, TBH twin blades in the neck and middle. Electric blue finish. Minor play wear, excellent condition. $650.

                Framus Dragon, modded. Basically put it to Cobra specs on the main board, took the fizz out and put the Cobra's crunch channel in with a gain mod. Dragon clean and lead EQ boards. Latest V5 model with external bias, loaded with JJ 6CA7's at the moment, includes stock footswitch. Re-tolexed by Paul Kress in a cream/Fender Blonde color with salt and pepper grill. This amp will not respect you in the morning. Absolutely killer amp for aggressive styles.

                $1200. The matching Kress 4x12 cab in some of the pics is not included and is not for sale unless you're local, just too big and heavy to ship.

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                  4 channel echoplex

                  $600 includes shipping, and paypal.

                  See link in sig for more pics, description.

                  Originally Posted by Elias Graves

                  I'm like a degenerate Ben Franklin.


                  Originally Posted by silverring233

                  and i don't know why i want one, i just want one

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                    PRS Tribal Tremonti #64/100 - $3300 with all case candy in 9.8/10 condition

                    lots of pics here: http://s63.photobucket.com/albums/h128/rg_76/PRS_Tribal_Tremonti/

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                      Danelectro Danomatic tuner pedal - $35 shipped within the continental U.S.
                      BG Pups - Strat Phatty Middle and Bridge pickups - $70 shipped within the continental U.S.

                      Custom Wired Strat Pickguard Assemblies - PM me to discuss specs & pricing

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                        For Sale:

                        No power supply for ANY pedals

                        Line 6 MM4 $120 brand new barely used w/ box and manual
                        Boss DF-2 $90 Very used but working well
                        Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion $40 Used in good condition
                        Johnson Pedal Tuner $25 barely used
                        Danelectro Black Coffee Distortion, Pepperoni Phaser, Chili Dog Octave, Surf and Turf Compressor $10 each
                        BBE Crusher Distortion $40

                        Set of Starcaster Pickups - FREE (you pay shipping)

                        I have boxes for most of the Danelectro pedals and the BBE Crusher.

                        I'm in Southern California - Long beach area. I'll ship but you gotta pay for it and will cut you a deal if you buy a few things. I'll consider trades but not really on the market for anything except some Seymour Duncan pickups or some decent humbucker sets. I'd also like to get a Line 6 EX-1 (expression) for my M9. It doesn't hurt to ask if you have something else though.

                        Only items listed above are for sale in this pic:

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                          Gibson 57 Classic in Gold
                          6" of lead, measures 8.1 k
                          $60 shipped/paypal to lower 48 obo


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                            Agile 3000M Honey Sunburst Flame W/HSC. Grover tuners, Alnico V pick ups, 3/4 in solid maple cap, Ebony fret board, Abalone inlays. This is the older version not sold for some time now. All original. Best playing and sounding of all of the many Agiles I have owned. The 3/4" flame on this guitar is stunning, one of the best you will see on this brand .Exc. Condition no dings,dents or buckle rash. $375.00 shipped to lower 48.

                            Without PG


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                              Here's what i think is a great deal on a well-played 1992 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Wine Red with 60s neck,

                              now THIS is an LP this fender guy can dig. how about you just let me have it? I gots no moneh
                              FS: none
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