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  • Hondo Strat

    You know I found this Hondo Strat in a pawn shop for 80 bucks. Been played to death, but really plays well. Nice weight to the guitar, great maple neck with rosewood finger board. Crap for tuners, crap string saddles. I really like the guitar though. New tuners, and some saddles, I think it'd be a great guitar.
    On the head stock, it has Hondo written in a Spagetti logo. I've never seen one like it. anyone have any info on this guitar?

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    probably a made in Korea in the mid to late 80s? Did it say "Fame by Hondo?"
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      At that price, there's not much risk. If you feel good about it, go for it.
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      hearing brokenhymen or whatever they are called makes me appreciate one single note from BB king that much more.

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        At that price, there's not much risk. If you feel good about it, go for it.

        Oh no... I bought it. I wasn't able to bring it home, because of traveling details. He stuck it in the back and I'll prob pick it up on my way thru town next month. I've bought stuff from him before. I was just wondering about the guitar. I was thinking I remember something about a Hondo (not Hondo II) that was made in Japan, in the early 80's that was a lawsuit guitar, that had the Spagetti Logo like that. More of an interest thing for me than a need to know.

        I think I'm going to set that guitar up for an open mic guitar. I don't like taking the guitars I gig on regular to the open mics.
        I was thinking I'd throw a set of those mid size grovers on it, some stamped metal saddles, and one of those EMG Afterburners.