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NGD. Ibanez Hollowbody

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    sounds great!! love that buzzy, fuzzy sound.
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      That's a beauty, HNGD!


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        Cool clip, too


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          sounds great!! love that buzzy, fuzzy sound.

          +1! I dig the tone and I dig the tune; nice work!!
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            I have the white one with the Ibby Bigsby on it. Put some Epi USA pups in it and it rocks!! Nice score.
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              That is an AG75 and a little deeper cutaway than the AF75, I think that body looks a little smaller too. That is the one I like for the full hollow, better upper fret access.
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                AF75 I think. Around a $400 guitar, but man it plays very nice. Really tempted to drop some 57 Classics into it, I bet it would take them well.

                Thats what i put in mine. Great pickup
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                  looks great!congrats!


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                    I went the other direction with my Artstar AF-120 - traded it for a PA. It was a fantastic guitar but I'm not really a thinline neck kinda guy. Have thought about replacing it with an Artcore if I could find one with a beefier neck - those things jump way out of their designation as budget archtops IMO. Congrats on a sweet deal on a real player's guitar.
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                      Had one in trans-orange. Very cool, but I just didn't play it much, so it's gone. Quality was astonishing for the price point. My brother and one of his band mates each have one, as well.
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                        I have a AF75S. A lot of people swap out the PUP's - but I kinda like em. 3 paws up from Lamb Chop.
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                          Those Artcores are great guitars. I used to have an AG-75. The only reason I sold it was because the neck was too narrow for me as I have extra large hands.
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                            Those are definitely awesome. I had an Af75 and I really dug the stock pickups, but I hated the sunburst finish, sold it and got the thinner bodied afs75t in blue. Same pickups, but the lack of depth changes the tone and I'm not as happy with them. Might put in some GFS nashvilles at some point, when I'm more confident about changing hardware in a hollowbody.

                            BTW, Steadfastly, you might wanna look into a Glen Burton hollowbody. They're the same price, actually pretty damn good, and they've got a chunky neck. I had a Chicago model and it was really sturdy, thicker wood than the Ibanez I think. But it sounded almost like a semi-hollow, it was so thick. Maybe they're other hollowbodies have a richer tone. The Manhattan seems really jazzy.

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                              Very Cool HNGD!
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                                I like that alot! HNGD!
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