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Anyone use a neck humbucker in the bridge?


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  • Anyone use a neck humbucker in the bridge?

    I'd like to know what experiences people have had with this. I'm thinking it'd be good for some lighter distortion or clean strumming but still have some of that humbucker punch and bitey mids. Or do they tend to be too bright/anaemic?

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    i used to have a dimarzio evo neck pickup in the bridge position of a strat,sounded pretty good.the evo was pretty hot,not sure what results you would get with less powerful pickups.


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      I think that pickups rated as neck or bridge only is kind of silly. I mean the Gibson 57 Classics are a great example of a pickup that works great in each position. I've got a duncan 59 in the bridge of a guitar that sounds fantastic and I've got one in the neck of another guitar and it's a perfect fit...which is funny since I'm not a big SD fan.
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        I have an Air Norton in the bridge position of my Ibanez RG. Most people use it in the neck position.
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          i've got a screamin demon in the neck position of my super squire. i think it's awesome, very killers-era dave murrey sounding.
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            Well, I have Alumitones which don't have a neck/bridge specific version


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              Three times. My first use of a Seth Lover was a neck pickup in the bridge and in one guitar, I'd almost say it was my favorite bridge humbucker I've ever owned for playing clean. Tried the same pickup, also in the bridge position of a Hamer 335 type and it was OK, but I couldn't get it dialed in to really thrill me.

              My first 36th Anniversary was a neck pickup I put in the bridge position of an LTD Viper. Sounded pretty good and in fact, worked great as long as I used a pedal as a boost, but it on it's own, it didn't drive either of my main amps hard enough to get any excitement going, so I bought a proper bridge 36th Anniversary.

              And just this weekend, I put a neck Dimarzio Evo into the bridge position of my LP Studio. I'd had a set of GFS Alnico IIs in there for a couple years and, while I love the neck by itself and loved the middle position, it just wouldn't drive either of my main amps hard enough. I finally put in the EVO neck pickup in it on Saturday and it sounds like a million bucks but as j*h mentioned, even the neck Evo pickup is pretty hot.
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                Neck humbuckers work great in the bridge in hss guitars with single coils in neck and middle!


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                  Aren't they wound hotter?
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                    Aren't they wound hotter?

                    bridge pickups are usually wound hotter. i have a spare neck pickup that i'm thinking of putting in the bridge and what i'm hoping for is that it is less middy and lower output than a typical bridge bucker


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                      I've used pickups everywhere I can think of.
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                        For a while, I used dual Gibson 496Rs in my Horizon, and they worked surprisingly well, especially when tracking.
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                          I swapped out the 490R in the neck of my Les Paul because it was too dark and muddy for my taste. I put in a Duncan Seth Lover which was perfect. But I also wasn't happy with the 498T in the bridge, which also didn't blend well with the low output Seth Lover. So just out of curiosity, I tried putting the 490R from the neck into the bridge and I was surprised at how much better it sounded there with the mids and highs accentuated more. This was about five years ago and it's still in there.