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Painting a Fender Lead II


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  • Painting a Fender Lead II

    I need some advice on painting a Fender Lead II guitar...

    This is my gf's guitar that she bought off of one of her friends. It came to her with this chuncky white coat of paint and knobs/switches missing. I am trying to refinish it and restore it back to factory specs(or as close as possible). I have been sanding the thing down the last week or so (through no less then 5 layers of paint!). I am fine sanding it at this point to get it feeling like a babe's behind.

    Once the sanding is done, I really don't know how to proceed. I know I probably need to put a base coat on but not much else. Now I am going for a standard fender black that has that glossy/shiny look you see on new guitars. What steps do I take to get it to look like that?? If anyone has advice/expertise on this or can direct me to some info, it would be much apprecaited!

    Pics coming soon...