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  • NGD Ebony Sheraton

    I saw, I played, I listened, I inspected, I bought.

    Took it home and put in a Rockfield SWV bridge pup, coil split push/pull. Wiring semi hollow sure is tricky.

    Man it's awesome.

    Sheraton is always the cooler epiphone in my mind. But every one that I played at long & mcquade, just didn't have what I expect, some sound too wiry, some don't resonate enough, some be too heavy and dead.

    This one, I encountered, is different, somehow. I played it through a fender frontman 15g, not a decent amp but, I could tell there are hella tonal potential in it.

    Took it home. The setup and wiring took me 3 hours. I want the tones, to have great clarity. The new pup totally bitchslapped the stock pups. The neck is perfect shape, it's very bonding, takes no time to get familiar with.

    Herb and I played. It's very subtle that, when the player is feeling the music, the guitar disappears, not in the way digressing "FEEL ME!! I'M AWESOME!!"; yet it still inspires the music.

    We wrote two new songs. Fantastic.

    Thanks everyone! Here are some new pics.

    I've changed the neck pup too, with coil split. I have the urge to change all the volume pots to CTS and put the coil split on tone pots but currently they are doing fine. I also plan on putting in locking tuners and roller bridge just for the heck of it, because this guitar is likely a keeper.

    I was actually hunting for a 335 style, but the 4 or 6 real 335s in the store I played just didn't satisfy me (most of them sounded good but not worth 3K IMO). I thought that I'd settle on a MIJ 335, but I don't think I'll go that route since I have this one now.

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      It sure does look awesome. HNGD
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      I'm not biased or anything, but everyone should think what I think.

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      Read, judge, and keep it to yourself, no one cares.


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        HNGD awesome...


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          Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day!


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            looks great!congrats!


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                Outstanding! Congratulations on finding a good one because they do vary a lot from one to another as you now know.


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                  Very nice indeed! CONGRATS
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                    Great love story. Congrats!
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                    Well Dick, it's got a good beat, and I could dance to it, so I give it a 10!
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                      Very nice! Congrats!


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                        That is SO screaming for a gold Bigsby ...

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                        everyone has different gear and stuff like this tends to be quite subjective.

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                        Gentlemen, I wash my hands of this weirdness.

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                          I used to have a Sheraton. One of the best necks that I have played. The pups needed to be changed. I didn't like the big body. I got rid of it and haven't regretted it.


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                            Happy belated NGD! That's a beautiful Sheraton; I've always dug those.
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                              Not a fan of Epis but if the Sheraton had chrome hardware instead of gold I would definitely consider it...