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So I posted my Parker Fly Deluxe for trade...

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  • #16
    Yeap, a week ago and I love it. But I'm always looking for a great trade. It'll have to be an awesome one to get the Fly though.

    Very wise move..Raven.

    You should be able to get a lot of guitar, if you wait for the right guy.

    Flippin is fun!
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    • #17
      Play the lp and the taylor. Why not? Best lp i ever heard was a 70s norlin era. And those taylors have awesome necks, not to mention the whole quick change pickups.
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      • #18
        No, no and no.
        One MIA Fender Strat, one Gibson Les Paul, one Martin Acoustic, what more do you need?



        • #19
          Keep the Parker.
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          • #20
            Also, regarding the Taylor, my local Music Go Round has one for $1399. Figure an extra $200-300 for the Palomino; does that sound like an accurate value for the Fly? The LPC would be worth considerably more than that.
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            • #21
              I found the same Taylor on Ebay for $800 and the amp for $200.. The Starla is $1700 new, plus whatever that Hagstrom thing was worth. I found a 1976 Les Paul Custom in Ebay's completed auctions for $2900.. The LP is by far the best deal financially, but I simply don't want it. I detest those old natural LPs.. So while I want to make a smart trade and always trade up, I want something I'll enjoy owning.


              • #22
                That Starla is horrendous looking.

                And you've discovered that the Taylors aren't worth much. My local Best Buy was clearing them out new for $799 (possibly $749) a while back. Nice guitars but they just felt like they had no identity (stupid thing to say, but whatever).
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                • #23
                  No, that's not stupid, I get it. That's one thing I like about the Parker. It's funky and odd, but at the same time, it's very advanced and versatile. No one looks at it and goes "ho hum, another boring Strat/Tele/Les Paul".. Plus that bitchin plum color turns a few heads too. Here I am, talking myself out of trading hehehe

                  Maybe I'll just trade my Carvin CT off instead? lol, yeah right!


                  • #24
                    A local shop had one of those Hagstroms for $500 or 600 I think. I'm not sure, because it sold fast.
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                    • #25
                      I know a dude that has one if you are looking..


                      • #26
                        I'd hold out for a Carvin.
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                        • #27
                          I'd hold out for a Carvin.

                          I've already got the best one they make hanging on my wall.. Could use another one though I guess.. Maybe a green on this time around?