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What's up with all the EVH lovers here? To me he is just a glorified tap guitarist.


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  • What's up with all the EVH lovers here? To me he is just a glorified tap guitarist.

    Look, I'm not saying in his prime he couldn't play but he seems really over-rated on this forum.

    He certainly has become a product of his addictions and with age, has got worse.

    In my opinion, there are many better guitar players out there, many.

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    The most important part of my religion is to play guitar.
    Lou Reed


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      I think that so few people listen to anything he did after Sammy left the band that most people don't know how far Eddie fell. But that's not a reason to not respect him for what he did when he was young and good. Hell, Hendrix drank himself into a grave and nobody goes around complaining that we shouldn't love his work.


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        I think his value comes from his influence as much as his actual playing. He was a paradigm shifter. There may have been other tap players before him, but he was the one who caught everyone's attention and made a generational change in the way people approached the guitar. (He also wrote some great songs.)
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          I was never a big EVH fan growing up and I didn't start tapping until a few years ago. Growing up it seemed like everyone was into tapping and trying to be EVH. But he could play and had some awesome songs, riffs and solos... And yeah he is kind of spent now I think too... I heard a few of his unaccompanied guitar solos during the last tour with his kid and it was pretty sad... It almost seemed like he was played out and didn't know what to do... I also do admit that I do like the old DLR stuff a lot more now then I did when I was younger...


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            I was never a big EVH fan.

            But I'll give him his do.

            His earliest albums were one of those course-changing moments in rock, everything changed His style and tone influenced everything that came after him, in almost every guitar-oriented genre; but in hard rock and metal, the pre-EVH and post-EVH divide is massively obvious. Stuff people take for granted now, or find cliche, all started with him. The technique, talent and very populous-oriented songwriting was just the right thing at the right time.


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              I've seen more bashers that anything.

              Like your own sad sack self.

              Seems like jealousy.

              billybilly. lol
              Originally Posted by GW348

              I just let the pee flow. The places I play, no one notices or have peed themselves too.

              RIP Wayne Murray

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                The audio in that first one is fake, btw.


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                  Forget about the now. Lots of iconic players out there in many genres who don't produce much of interest/relevance these days. Doesn't take away from what they did in the past.

                  Sit down, throw on a good set of headphones, and listen to VH1. To say he is just a glorified tap guitarist is completely silly. Many of the players his style spawned certainly are purely "mechanical" players, but Eddie had a fantastic groove (check out that rhythm playing, not just the flashy leads!), and IMO, a unique sense of phrasing and note choice.

                  I'm not a shred guy, and I wouldn't list EVH in my personal "top 5" based on subjective taste. But the man was a completely badass guitarist. And I've never noticed this forum being a particular EVH "lovefest".
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                    For the past few weeks I've been listening to EVH albums 1 & 2 on a cassette in my car. Gotta say, it sounds pretty effin' sweet to me. Great tone, excellent riffs and all 'round good rock 'n' roll.
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                    Originally Posted by Mike Eldred, Fender Custom Shop

                    The discussion about nitro (and many things on forums like these) is largely based on folklore, innuendo, and assumption that it "sounds better". Poppycock.


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                      When he came out in the 80's he was doing stuff no one had done before. Everyone started copying him. He had a band with some catchy, humorous pop tunes. Lot's of people liked him. Never really appealed to me, but the guy was good. That's about it.




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                        FWIW, when VHI came out there was no one doing what EVH was doing at the time. I remember hearing and thinking 'what the **************** is this' and being amazed at his playing. I think anyone who was playing guitar at the time who wasn't stunned and amazed by EVH is probably full of ****************. Ed was a real innovator back when Van Halen first made it big. Whether you like EVH or any of the many iterations of Van Halen is one thing, but EVH was (probably with an emphasis on WAS) a real innovator. I think he probably short circuited it all through booze, being a douchebag, and staying stuck in 1982, but back in the day he was the man.


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                          the greatest rock guitar player of all time


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                            When he came out in the 80's he was doing stuff no one had done before. Everyone started copying him. He had a band with some catchy, humorous pop tunes. Lot's of people liked him. Never really appealed to me, but the guy was good. That's about it.

                            What exactly did he do that no one ever did before??? Because it was tapping, Jeff Beck was tapping in the 60s and he got it from a book from 1930s... Watch the Montreal Guitar Show press conference from 2009 and he talks about it..


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                              And then the **************** storm starts.

                              Look, anyone can take bad footage of a guitartist and question people why they're worshipped. Take Angus Young here:

                              Why is he so popular? I mean look at him, My big dangling ballsack has played better riffs than this.

                              I point is, these ****************s are old, and age has a way of catching up to people. Take George Lynch for example. That man had talent in his prime, but now his hands and arms are so ****************ed up, he reduced to playing intro licks on That Metal Show and working in the ESP custom shop. I mean that's not a bad gig, but the man use to smoke the **************** out of that sexy bengal tigerbusrt guitar of his.

                              Edit: I want everyone to know that I struggled to find this clip. Same goes for the EVH ones, which means you must really want to troll HCEG bad Billybilly.
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