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  • Roland Cube Series amps

    Any of you cats use thiS series of amps? Was thinking of one of these for a small indoor gig.
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    I have a Micro Cube. OK for practicing at home, but not much else. The larger ones may be better.
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      My bud has a cube 60 is a really good fully gigable SS amp.


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        I have a 30. Not the best toanz, but it works.
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        I wouldn't recommend them for metal, but then I also wouldn't recommend playing metal.

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          I have played countless gigs on my Cube 60. Sounds great. Super reliable. Doesn't kill you with stage volume. Great stuff. The only thing I don't like is that there is a split second delay when you change channels, so you sorta need to get the timing of that right.


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            I bought a MicroCube for apartment practice at one point and never use it. It doesn't sound good at all and the response of it is very weird, particularly the attack - it feels strange to play. I'd hope the bigger ones are a bit better, but since they're based on the same modeling software, I wouldn't expect much. I literally prefer playing unplugged to using the amp.
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              I have the Cube Street and have sold-off my bad-ass old 30x - the Street is a real sleeper at how versatile it is (except it's not loud enough against a drummer without reinforcement)

              also hava pair of Cube CM30s for stage monitors and for very small rooms - they're amazing
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                Not a big fan of how they sound but yeah... the 60+ watt models should be big enough for a gig unless you have a crazy drummer.

                Of course, for a grab and go amp, I don't think tonal quality is the top priority for most guitarists. Playing in a room by yourself is definitely when most amps will sound their worst but when it comes down to that personal/practice use, I'd take most of the current modelers over the 30-60 Roland... The Voxes and the Fender Mustangs and Super Champ.
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                  A buddy of mine let me borrow his micro cube when he was in Europe for a few months. Its a great bedroom amp for just sitting down and having fun. Would never be able to keep up with drums. It has some really cool amp and effect mods that actually sound pretty good. I ended giving it back to him, though, and bought a fender G-dec Jr. it has a little bit bigger speaker, so it sounds a little less 'tin-y'. The effects and amp models are pretty comparable, but the g-dec has beats you can play along to. actually a lot of fun.
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                    I remember seeing BB King a few years ago and his guitarist was using a Cube 60. So if you are considering using it live, a 30 or 60 will be fine. I have a micro cube which is great for my late night playing.
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                      I think the new 80XL sounds great. I wouldn't mind having one.


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                        I have the Microcube and have played most of the older (pre-modelling) cubes. The microcube isn't THAT good, but it get the job done - I've used it for the occasional busking session as well as backing an nu-mic'ed singer who sing at weddings. It's a utility, a dependable one, but don't expect to sound anything other than bland.

                        The older bigger cubes were pretty darned good - not that they could compare with a Fender but they were a decent clean platform


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                          Gig on Cube30? why not?

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                            I think the Micro and Street cubes are probably the most convenient amps out there to run off rechargeable batteries - they sound ok too.

                            My drummer has a Basscube at his studio - it's fine for rehearsal - we've gigged with it a few times and it does the job but isn't the best.

                            As far as modelling guitar amps go, I'd rather have a Vox VT than a Cube...


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                              For years my microcube has traveled with me in and outside my house. Great little amps. Surprisingly, the batteries last a long time too.
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