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  • Squier CV Neck Finish

    Does anybody else dislike the finish on the CV necks. I got my CV tele about a year and a half ago and after about the first week, I ended up taking a scotch brite pad to the sticky finish on the back of the neck. Now it's smooth as silk. Has anyone else done this?

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    I got mine in April and have been fine with it so far.
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      I'm fine with the gloss too. I prefer gloss in fender necks.

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        I used sandpaper on mine years ago. Huge improvement.
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          I also prefer gloss on any neck.... can't stand unfinished (like the Zakk Wylde Gibson)


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            I like a gloss neck just fine but they seem like they are coated so thick that they may as well be in a glass case.
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              I like the gloss.
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                My Classic Vibe P Bass's neck is pretty smooth actually.
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                  I like it. It feels the same as my CIJ52 which is also poly. What I didnt like was the finish on my 52RI, so much that I stripped it off and put a few coats of Tru Oil on.

                  Id love to get that satin-poly feel of the roadworns. Thats the slickest neck Ive ever played.

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                    I actually love the gloss.


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                      The finish on my RG doesn't present any problems, but there was just something about the one on the CV that made it seem way too sticky. I also feel this way about many neckthru guitars with painted necks.


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                        I steel wooled the neck on my Epiphone '56 Reissue. It saved it from possibly never being played again. Now it's very good.


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                          The gloss does not bother me a bit.

                          Edit: do you like the neck finish on a Deluxe?


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                            Doesn't bother me a bit. As long as a gloss finish doesn't feel sticky, I leave it alone.
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                              Usually I like gloss but the CV neck was a bit too plasticky. Ten minutes with fine steel wool and it was perfect.