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What's your favorite distortion pedal.And why.


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  • What's your favorite distortion pedal.And why.

    Mine is an old rat pedal I bought about 20 years ago for 25 bucks.My second fav is those old roadkill pedal's that Guitar center sold back in the 90's.Sound great thru any amp I play.:i

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    zvex distortron. Lots of gain, lots of definition. You can play with the switches and shape the tone in a way that you just can't with the usual knobs.

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      For a boost/mid gain stuff- OCD

      For teh metulz- Keeley MT-2
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        I'm really into the Big Bite.

        http://bigbitefx.com/index.php i know they endorse me but i wouldnt be playing one unless it sounded good.

        I'm also a big fan of the MI Audio Crunchbox and the Fulltone GT500
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          right now a Garagetone Drivetrain....also a Danelectro TOD to get my Pete on.

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            I like the distortion of my amp (Laney LC15) better than any pedal I've tried.


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              I would have to say the Rat as well. Reminds me of highschool in the 90's.
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                Barber direct drive. Killer pedal. And often overlooked.
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                  Barber Dirty Bomb...


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                    As simple as it is, I keep going back to my Keely modded blues driver.


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                      None. I haven't owned one in 40 years and it was a bosstone.


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                        if u can drop the coin, wampler boxes rock


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                          zvex distortron. Lots of gain, lots of definition. You can play with the switches and shape the tone in a way that you just can't with the usual knobs.

                          Agreed x 1000.

                          Why the hell did I sell mine?
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                            Kingsley Minstrel.... it actually is a boutique tube preamp in a box, sounds incredible.

                            Other dirt pedals I love:

                            Wampler HotWired
                            Barber Burn Unit EQ
                            Fulltone PlimSoul

                            For fuzz
                            Diamond Fireburst
                            EWS Fuzzy Drive

                            For high gain
                            EMMA Pisdiyauwot


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                              Hairdresser Tangled 595, best there is.
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