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Paul and Jorma - My Fave San Fran Guitar Duo


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  • Paul and Jorma - My Fave San Fran Guitar Duo

    Paul and his Rickenbacker and Jorma and his 355, love it! After them, it's Jerry and Bob, of course.
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    Paul adds a lot with the Ricky 12, but it's all about Jorma and Jack.


    A bit more featuring Paul


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      SF really was a major epicenter of great music at the time. Airplane, Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Moby Grape...
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        No longer in SF.... Jorma's been living in the southeastern Ohio Appalachian mountains for a good while. Jack C has lived in Los Angeles since the end of JAirplane.


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          Jorma is one of my favorite players. Love the old Airplane stuff as well as Hot Tuna.
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            I prefer Cippolina/ Duncan from QSMS.


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              Used to get e-mails from Paul. Miss them. Never understood most of them, but I miss them. Have to get around to renewing that relationship one of these days.

              Jorma runs a guitar camp and venue in Ohio,

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