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    My boy is sixteen and he has always liked 70's and 80's rock. I didn't go to a lot of concerts back then. I saw Ratt and Aerosmith and the Dead and a few others. Hung out for a while at the LA club scene.

    My question is.....What classic bands are still around that I could take my boy to before they begin to suck or break up or have members die off?

    The bigger the better. Something for him to always remember. Roger Waters is playing locally as is Van Halen and Heart. Actually , several old bands will be local but are they still worth seeing? Who would you recommend?

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    I was a huge fan back in the day.....they're not what they were...but they've brought their game back up to a decent level from the lows about a decade ago. And live they always deliver.


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      those would be great, also KIZZ, Ozzy would be fun.


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        ZZ Top. Can't go wrong.
        I like plaid and argyle.


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          Deep Purple
          Elton John
          Steve Miller

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            Ummm...coming to a shed/arena later this year:



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              Another vote for Iron Maiden here. I saw them last year and they were excellent.

              But also UFO, based on their new album. Vinnie Moore is surprisingly awesome as an old-school blues rocker.

              Robin Trower is also always touring, but reviews here have been decidedly mixed.


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                AC/DC is a sure thing. Saw them a little over a year ago and just as high energy as when I saw them in the late 80's.
                Tom Petty is on the road, he always gives a great show.
                Alice Cooper usually has a summer tour, I saw it 3 yeaars ago and still all the craziness that is Alice Cooper. It was actually better than the hey stoopid show I went to.

                Hope that helps ya
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                  Bad Co.


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                    There's nothing to see here.Move along.


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                      Van Halen is a must. I went to see them in 2007 with my stepdad when i was around 16, Best show I've ever seen.
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                        The Allman Brothers Band
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                          you know whos good live but you wouldnt expect it is The Moody Blues.

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                            Rush is the only intact band I'd nominate. You could see Springsteen and/or Petty but they've already had members die or move on ...


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                              Ummm...coming to a shed/arena later this year:

                              came here to post JUST that!

                              new album AND world tour coming up. CANNOT wait!
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