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  • What I did today...

    Finally got around to testing out the Apex 440 USB mic I got for Christmas. Not a demo for the mic, the gear or a great testament to my playing or producing abilities. Just whipped this together when I had a chance to steal the computer away this afternoon. It is what it is, enjoy

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    Oh and I used Audacity, I know it isn't the best but it's free.
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      Sounds good. Nice and Mellow.
      Quite hypnotic, I could have nodded off?
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        I like it a lot.

        Great clarity, love the reverb.
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          Sweet! Thanks!
          If work pisses off for a few hours this weekend hopefully I can relax and actually get a whole song down. A little more upbeat of course.
          Ya I am really impressed with Boss on that RV-5, I was using the Hall setting pretty much cranked. I love the Room setting and almost always run with that on. As for the amp, Low input and the dial sitting around about 9 out of 12.
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            Fendery cleanness... drippy reverb... atmospheric melancholy... right up my alley. I really liked it.

            I'm surprised you could get an SG into a Champ 600 to be quite that bright. Did you tweak the EQ in Audacity?

            Regardless, I really liked it.
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              Haha Thanks!

              No tweaking, just slammed the mic right up against the grill and hit record. I am very new at home recording. I have recorded in a studio a hand full of times and tried to absorb as much as I could but it was a bit overwhelming and the guy moved so quickly.
              The amp is stock other than an old GE 12AX7. I had adjusted the pickups on the SG to taste a while ago. I have always played a Telecaster so I am assuming I just subconsciously tried to emulate that tone.
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                Nice tones. The tune itself has kind of an Ennio Morricone meets Metallica vibe to it.


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                  Impressive sound quality for a fairly low end mic. Nice song as well. Good job!!