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What artist(s) or band(s) music do many people seem to like.....but you cant stand???

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  • What artist(s) or band(s) music do many people seem to like.....but you cant stand???

    So we have all been there..... music is playing of some band or artist...others are "feeling it" while you are as limp as Chaz Bono at the Ricky Martin.

    So which band or artist don't you get..... who makes you say "wtf, how the F did they get a record contract?"
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  • #2
    pretty much everything they play on top 40 radio, these days...
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        pretty much everything they play on top 40 radio, these days...



        • #5
          The Doors
          Most nu-metal


          • #6
            Most classic rock and current Top 40. I mean, I can rock out to something like Kashmir by Zeppelin, but something like the Lemon Song is just ****************ty wankery - like most classic rock. Lynard Skynard is another one. I can't remember a time in my life when I could ever get into anything they did, and I thought Freebird was a horrible song...even before I knew it was "Freebird"! It does depend on my mood though for a lot of classic rock. I don't get todays top 40 though, no variety IMO. When I was growing up there was some country crossover, some classic rock, some singer-songwriter stuff, some new wave stuff. I don't know, it just seemed more varied.
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            • #7
              For me, it's always been mostly Lynryd Skynrd, The Allman Brothers, and especially, The Eagles. While everyone is jammin to Hotel California, I would just basically wonder, "Do I really have to like this?" Unfortunately, those three bands comprise about 30% of what's on Classic Rock stations anymore.
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              • #8
                I have to admit, I don't mind a lot of top 40. That said, I don't really like Adele. I remember a few years back when iTunes gave away one of her songs for a free single-of-the-week, and it was really meh. Vocals, tune, everything. Now for some reason, everyone thinks she's the best singer out there. She doesn't suck, but I didn't dig her then, and I still don't. I won't make the complaint that she shouldn't have a record deal, though. It's not like she's Miley Cirus (thank god her fame is dwindling) or Nicki Minaj.
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                • #9
                  Well, I wouldn't say this band is terrible but I certainly cannot for the life of me figure out why they are so popular and in particular, on this board. You guessed it, Van Halen. Doesn't do a thing for me.
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                  • #10
                    Pink Floyd and Radiohead. Don't like either of them. BOOORING. But I do understand why they got their deals, I understand their music, and I do think the are original...it's not like I hate them....just don't get the fuss.

                    An HCEG favorite that I think is totally over rated and very boring is Joe Bonamassa. To me he sounds like exactly what he is....a suburban white "blues prodigy" who chose to play the blues like other people choose to be a dentist. To me he is completely soulless, and every bend he does screams 'fake!'. Derek Trucks also has this effect on me but to a much lower degree. Another "child prodigy"...go figure......

                    Black Keys.....not bad, but I'll stick with the white stripes....nothing I've heard from them has ever even made me want to steal their album let alone buy it.


                    • #11
                      I turn off or change the station when I hear Nickleback, U2 or Three Days Grace.
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                      • #12
                        Puke Floyd and Rush. Can't stand 'em.
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                        • #13
                          Rap. "Dance" music. Auto-tuned pop (ie: Katy Perry, et al).
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                          • #14
                            Foo Fighters
                            Red Hot Chili Peppers
                            Pink Floyd


                            • #15
                              Guns'n'Roses and Radiohead.

                              GnR are just one of the most overrated bands ever. I mean, a pretty tight, rocking band, but rather generic. Nothing special to my ears, and then you add that whining, warbling primadonna twat Axl on top singing lyrics that sound like they came out of some junior high kid's notebook and I just never got the appeal. Back when they kicked off people were talking about them as if they were saving rock and roll from extinction or something. What a load of garbage.

                              Radiohead are, in theory, a band I should like because I admire acts that try to do something fresh or unique. I just don't think they pull it off well. Therer are a couple of tracks on their first album or two that are decent pop songs, but when they began to experiment and stretch out more, they just got boring and pretentious IMO. I have tried--really tried--to bond with Kid A, OK Computer and a few other albums and there is just absolutely nothing there that ever makes me want to hear it again. At least GnR has some rock swagger and an element of fun.
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